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Disney+’s Princess and the Frog Follow Up Series, Tiana, Welcomes Fresh Directorial Vision

Princess and the Frog follow up series, Tiana, ushers new directorial management.


  • Disney+ series Tiana, a follow up to The Princess and the Frog, has in fact skilled production hold-ups nevertheless appealing present improvements recommend an intriguing future.
  • Joyce Sherri, an accomplished author and director, has in fact taken control of as the ingenious force behind Tiana with her exceptional credentials in both areas.
  • In spite of hold-ups, fans can excitedly prepare for a sweet-sounding benefit as the series stays genuine to the musical roots of the preliminary film, with Tiana’s royal function and connections to her New Orleans past as important aspects.

Even the most anticipated jobs can sometimes strike unanticipated snags or need fresh viewpoint. Case in point: Disney+’s excitedly waited on series Tiana, a sequel to the popular animated film “The Princess and the Frog.” The series has in fact seen some substantial shifts in its production timeline, nevertheless present improvements ensure intriguing times ahead.

Variety has in fact exposed that the reins of Tiana are now in the capable hands of Joyce Sherri, who is set to direct and helm the making up for this series. For fans questioning this alternative, Sherri’s credentials promote themselves. She clinched a success at the 2020 Slamdance rivals, thanks to her fascinating script for Sweet Sixteen Her composing know-how was similarly showcased in Mike Flanagan’s widely known Netflix series, Midnight Mass Beyond making up, Sherri’s directorial abilities have in fact been showcased in a string of quick films such as Appeal, Completely, and The Home Love More simply recently, her skills as a story editor was tapped for Lindsey Anderson Beer’s The Magic Order

Initially exposed in 2020, Disney+ had in fact indicated for Tiana to grace the screens by 2023. Anika Noni Rose, with her appealing voice, was confirmed to duplicate her function as the charming Princess Tiana. However, the series experienced hold-ups, and based upon the present upgrade, fans should mark 2024 on their calendars for the series best.

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From Maldonia to New Orleans: Tiana’s Double Custom in a Fresh Disney+ Legend

Tiana and Prince Naveen in The Princess and the Frog
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

The story ensures a sweet-sounding benefit, staying genuine to the musical roots ofThe Princess and the Frog Audiences will accompany Tiana in her regal ability as Maldonia’s crowned princess. Nevertheless as she begins thrilling new exploits, echoes from her New Orleans past promise to relate to her present. And, if the past is any guide, some familiar faces from the preliminary film might merely surprise fans with their cameos.

Nevertheless the winds of adjustment have in fact been blowing more than merely release dates. At First, Stella Meghie was poised to utilize the double hats of author and director for Tiana Although Joyce Sherri has in fact now gotten in these functions, Meghie remains a crucial part of the group, contributing as an executive maker. She is participated this ability by Jennifer Lee, with Nathan Curtis producing. The distinguished Walt Disney Animation Studios will be making certain that the animation quality remains remarkable.

Disney+, with its substantial lineup, has in fact been examining and expanding upon various valued stories. Tiana register with the ranks of programs that draw inspiration from popular Disney animations. Other valuable tales that have in fact been examined include Zootopia, Big Hero 6, and Automobiles, each finding a new lease on life on the streaming platform. Buzz is building among Disney fans about a capability Moana series and its live-action version.

While the wait for Tiana might be a little bit longer than in the beginning ready for, the present adjustments recommend a dedication to offering a series that validates the custom of The Princess and the Frog As the home entertainment stating goes, benefits normally spend some time. And with the exceptional group now at the helm, Tiana appears poised for a triumphant introducing in 2024.

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