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David Ayer on The Beekeeper Star Jason Statham: ‘I Got Schooled by Him’

In a special interview with MovieWeb, The Beekeeper director David Ayer goes over dealing with action icon Jason Statham.


  • Director David Ayer applauds Jason Statham as an action icon, highlighting his work principles and affinity for action movie theater.
  • Ayer confesses to being schooled by Statham, finding out a lot about action, stunts, and efficiency throughout their cooperation.
  • The Beekeeper got favorable evaluations and Ayer exposes his preferred scene, showcasing the motion picture’s enjoyable and escapist tone.

Director David Ayer has actually talked about dealing with Jason Statham on this year’s action motion picture hit, The Beekeeper, calling him “an action icon.” In an exclusive interview with MovieWeb, Ayer loaded appreciation on the work principles and natural affinity for action movie theater, exposing he got “schooled by him,” and found out a lot about action, stunts, and efficiency from the Crank and Transporter star,

” Jason’s an action icon. He’s actually an action super star, and he’s his own brand name … In dealing with him, it was actually comprehending how he works, what his sort of cam grammar is, and after that bringing an A-game to action. When I discovered his action video game, it’s a plus. So I sort of got schooled by him. And I found out a lot about action and stunts and efficiency, more than I understood currently. He was simply an unbelievable partner. And there’s something about dealing with somebody that simply requires the very best from you, that’s going to highlight your finest.”

The Stath has actually been flying the flag for no-nonsense, cathartic action films for a long time now, and it definitely seems like he has actually ended up being a professional in action both on and off-screen. Plainly, Ayer had a ball dealing with Statham, and considering the response to The Beekeeper, no doubt numerous are hoping they will work together once again in the future. On The Beekeeper 2 ( The Beekeeper 2: Still Buzzing? The Beekeeper: 2 Bee or Not 2 Bee?) possibly?

The Beekeeper discovers Statham on wonderfully familiar ground as the mystical Adam Clay. After losing a dear good friend to a rip-off, Clay leaves his peaceful beekeeping methods behind as he enacts a harsh project for revenge. Obviously, no simple lowly beekeeper, he is quickly exposed to be a previous operative of an effective and private company called “Beekeepers.”

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David Ayer Talks His Favorite Scene in The Beekeeper.

The Beekeeper

The Beekeeper

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Throughout our chat with David Ayer, the director likewise exposed his preferred scene from The Beekeeper Instead of one overflowing with the gritty drama that the filmmaker is mainly understood for, his favorite is rather one that has plenty of escapist enjoyable.

” I believe the gasoline station scene, since I didn’t actually have the time I wished to shoot that scene. And I didn’t stroll into it positive like I typically do. And likewise, the motion picture is a bit tonally various. Primarily my films are sort of severe dramas, extremely gritty and genuine and extreme. And in this one, I wished to make more of an escapist, enjoyable adventure trip. Therefore shooting a scene like that and discovering the enjoyable and humor within an action scene, and after that doing it in like 2 seconds under rain bars at 3 a.m. was an obstacle. However when it was all created, it surpassed my wildest expectations.”

Starring Emmy Raver-Lampman, Josh Hutcherson, Bobby Naderi, Minnie Motorist, Phylicia Rashad and Jeremy Irons along with Statham, The Beekeeper is out now in theaters and has actually gotten favorable evaluations from critics and audiences alike. Have a look at the trailer listed below:


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