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Daniel Radcliffe Attends To Reports of Him Rubbing Up to Play Wolverine in the MCU

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe breaks the silence on the reports of him playing Wolverine in the MCU after appearing rubbed up on screen.


  • Daniel Radcliffe addresses reports of him playing Wolverine in the MCU, rejecting any connection to the character regardless of his physical viability.
  • Radcliffe’s current training and muscle gain for a function in Wonder Employees led fans to hypothesize about his possible participation in the Disney franchise.
  • While Radcliffe might temporarily sign up with the MCU, there is a possibility of him making a cameo look in Deadpool 3 together with Taron Egerton.

Having actually left Harry Potter behind a number of years earlier, Daniel Radcliffe fans have actually attempted to bring him to another of the greatest movie franchises, the MCU, to play none other thatWolverine And, as soon as again, the star attends to the possibility of ending up being the popular mutant. It has actually been 12 years considering that the last movie in the primary legend based upon the books by J. K. Rowling was launched. Ever since, Radcliffe has actually mainly concentrated on independent tasks, low-budget movies or with productions with much less direct exposure than the legend that made him popular. Perhaps that’s why it would be odd to see him belonging of a task as huge as the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Nevertheless, thanks to a current modification of image, reports about him signing up with the Disney franchise have actually resurfaced, particularly now that the X-Men will be formally presented into the MCU.

A couple of weeks earlier, pictures of Radcliffe flaunting his muscles in Wonder Employees led fans to believe that he might be preparing to play Wolverine. Regrettably, that is not the case. In an interview with Vogue with his Happily We Roll Along co-stars Jonathan Groff and Lindsay Mendez, the star exposed the genuine reason he has actually been training:

” Yes. I got enthusiast due to the fact that I am compulsive, and I wish to … You have actually seen my moms and dads, they resemble crazy physical fitness individuals. So that’s simply been handed down. However no. No Wolverine. Flattered, however no.”

This is not the very first time that Radcliffe has spoken about the fan casting, and on a number of events he rejected any kind of connection in between him and the character, although physically he would be an excellent alternative for the part similar to Taron Egerton, another fan-favorite option to acquire the function.

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Could Taron Egerton & & Daniel Radcliffe Play Wolverine at the Exact Same Time?

X-Men Origins: Wolverine
20th Century Fox

Even if Radcliffe does not prepare to end up being a hero for the MCU completely, he might be among the lots of surprises that the Deadpool 3 group is getting ready for the fans. The movie directed by Shawn Levy will apparently include various variations of the mutant, as the plot will concentrate on Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson checking out various truths.

Reports about a Taron Egerton cameo as Wolverine appearing together with Hugh Jackman have actually currently appeared online, so if the Kingsman star and the Harry Potter star appear in the motion picture, it might be simply for a short minute. Although, naturally, Marvel Studios has actually not validated the involvement of either of them in the job.

Despite whether he is played by Egerton, Radcliffe or some other star, there is no doubt that Deadpool 3 would be the best chance to present the main Wolverine of the MCU, considering that it is expected to be Jackman’s last look playing the character. Particularly now that Marvel Studios will start consulting with authors to develop the first X-Men movie for the franchise.

Deadpool 3 i s set to strike theaters on May 3, 2024, and fans will lastly discover whether Radcliffe becomes part of the movie or not.

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