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Buddies: The Thanksgiving Episodes, Ranked

Vacation episodes were constantly a big thing in Buddies. These are the very best Thanksgiving episodes of the precious television program, ranked.

It does not matter where you stand in concerns to the worth of a program like Friends; there’s no rejecting how renowned it is and just how much cultural worth it still has. The NBC program, which ran for 10 seasons in between 1994 and 2004, is an American comedy portraying the lives of 6 pals residing in New york city City in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Their stories show practically every element of their every day lives in wacky comedy style. From romantic relationships to job-related matters, we understood enough about them to call them “our pals.”



As it normally occurs with timeless comedies, the program had its normal vacation episodes each season. And to commemorate Matthew Perry, among the “pals” who has recently passed, here’s a ranking of the Thanksgiving episodes in the program. There’s no much better homage, as Chandler (Perry) disliked the concept of Turkey Day and disliked Thanksgiving food since of a youth injury including his moms and dads. Take a look at more on the following list of the very best Thanksgiving episodes of Buddies

9 The One With Chandler in a Box – Season 4, Episode 8

ross rachel phoebe and joey look at a box in friends episode the one with chandler in a box

In the Thanksgiving episode for season 4, we saw the gang handling Joey and Chandler’s clash after Chandler succumbs to Kathy, the starlet who had very first outdated Joey. Regrettably, Thanksgiving supper reveals Chandler being penalized by Joey by being put inside a box and required to remain quiet for 5 years. As severe as that is, Chandler’s commitment is one to bear in mind.

On The Other Hand, Monica is cooking supper, however an ice chip harms her eye, and she’s required to call an eye doctor. Fortunately, her physician and ex, Richard, are away on holidays. The issue is that Richard’s child, Timothy, is the physician who sees her, and she succumbs to him quickly. Naturally, he gets welcomed over to supper, where Ross and Rachel argue about Rachel’s practice of exchanging presents.

What Makes the Episode Great

This episode is everything about Courtney Cox’s efficiency as Monica. She’s excellent in the function and in establishing her character’s dispute when dating Richard’s child. Luckily, everything gets figured out rapidly, leaving space for Joey and Chandler’s plot to extend throughout the entire episode. The last 5 minutes, when Kathy appears and talks to Chandler through a hole in package, are especially capitivating and produce the episode’s sweetest minute.

8 The One Where Chandler Does Not Like Pet Dogs – Season 7, Episode 8

a dog lies on a couch with rachel in the friends episode The One Where Chandler Doesn't Like Dogs

Not just does Chandler dislike Thanksgiving, however he likewise dislikes canines. And pups frighten him. In the episode, Monica is cooking Thanksgiving supper, and the rest aren’t actually assisting. Phoebe is keeping a pet dog in her space (she’s dealing with Monica and Chandler after a fire damaged her home), and quickly Chandler learns. Joey recommends Chandler not to expose his hatred for canines, however he does not listen.

Throughout the vacation, Monica and Phoebe are required to take Cars to Ross’ home, however Monica can’t release the canine. In the end, Chandler dedicates an act of love and accepts Clunkers back. Rachel welcomes over her assistant, Tag, and she exposes she has a crush on him. Ross has the very best side plot of all, as he’s required to play a video game where he names all 50 states, otherwise he can’t have turkey.

What Makes the Episode Great

This one has to do with Monica and Phoebe’s experiences in keeping Cars in the area without Chandler understanding. However it’s likewise about Ross’ failure to be the most smart of the gang when he invests all the time attempting to call all 50 states. The ending is humorous: Ross completes the video game and shows up to consume turkey well after midnight. Chandler learns he composed Nevada two times, and Ross understands this. Yeah, possibly he’s not as creative as he believed.

Rachel and Tag’s brief relationship starts awkwardly when Joey mess up andopens his big mouth Nevertheless, everything exercises for Rachel, who does not see the unfavorable elements of dating her assistant.

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7 The One Where Underdog Escapes – Season 1, Episode 9

rachel and monica hug while chandler and phoebe watch in episode the one where underdog gets away

In season one’s Thanksgiving episode, Monica is hosting what might be her very first Thanksgiving supper without her moms and dads. Ross argues that it would not be the very same without his mom’s food, so Monica makes it her objective to prepare his preferred. And Phoebe’s. And Joey’s. And practically everybody else who winds up being there for Thanksgiving supper.

Rachel is not so mixed-in with the group, so her objective is to hang out with her household. However considered that she’s independent now, she does not have cash for the ticket. Nevertheless, they all chip in and get her one. Joey appears on every signboard in the city on what’s seemingly a good acting gig, however it’s for a VD advertisement. His household’s rejection is instant. In the episode, Chandler exposes why he declines all pilgrim vacations: his moms and dads revealed their divorce throughout Thanksgiving supper, and throw up occurred. So, is Thanksgiving commemorated at some time?

What Makes the Episode Great

The episode’s side plot reveals Ross awkwardly attempting to speak with Carol’s coming child. So, his character is type of disposed of from the primary plot, which reveals the rest heading over to the roofing to see Underdog’s balloon from the Thanksgiving parade getting loose. The issue is that nobody gets a secret, and they get locked out, leaving Monica’s turkey not being watched and roasting to ashes. In the end, they wind up consuming Chandler’s extremely specific supper: tomato soup, grilled cheese, and Funyuns.

It works on the narrative design of Buddiesfirst three seasons There are gags galore, and Chandler is continuously including the comic relief that made his character renowned. Phoebe’s zany mindset is severe, and this makes her design of Thanksgiving event special. Joey stands apart as a victim of something he can’t manage, and as constantly, he’s incredibly amusing at this. In the end, a good Thanksgiving supper without turkey was the very best method to provide a vacation in a program that would constantly raise the stakes with its Thanksgiving episodes. An extremely strong start.

6 The One Where Ross Got High – Season 6, Episode 9

the cast of friends eat desert in the episode the one where ross got high

Season 6 revealed a currently combined gang, with Monica and Chandler currently dating. The issue is that Judy and Jack, Ross and Monica’s moms and dads, do not understand they’re in fact cohabiting. This makes Thanksgiving supper a bit uncomfortable.

Phoebe thinks Jack is attractive after having actually dreamed about him. Rachel likes assisting Monica make dessert, and Ross and Joey wish to ditch supper to go celebration with some designs. Chandler and Monica simply wish to make Judy and Jack like Chandler, considered that he’s “the young boy who dislikes Thanksgiving” and definitely not deserving of Monica.

What Makes the Episode Great

All of it focuses on Rachel’s dessert, one that Joey and Ross find to have beef listed below the bananas (the dish book in fact had its pages stuck). However they simply wish to leave quickly and state absolutely nothing to Monica, whose attention is on revealing her moms and dads that Chandler is a hero.

Nevertheless, everything results in an excellent last scene in which Monica and Ross keep exposing bad aspects of each other to their moms and dads. From Monica dealing with Chandler to Ross getting high years back and having actually blamed it on Chandler. Yes, this was another reason they didn’t like him. The scene where they all attempt Rachel’s desert is humorous. This one is an excellent episode for David Schwimmer’s function as Ross, and it likewise consists of one of his best lines: “It tastes like feet!” as he attempts Rachel’s abomination.

5 The One With the Report – Season 8, Episode 9

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston in Friends episode the one with the rumor

Brad Pitt’s visitor look was without a doubt the most popular on the program. In “The One With the Report”, he enlivens Will, a guy from the previous whom Monica welcomes over to supper. The important things is, he notoriously likes Rachel since she made life an ordeal for him when they were teens. He established the “I dislike Rachel Green” club in high school with none besides Ross. On the other hand, Joey is challenged to consume an entire turkey at supper, and Phoebe and Chandler attempt to leave teaming up with anything for supper by enjoying something they do not comprehend at all: football.

What Makes the Episode Great

Pitt’s efficiency is excellent in the program. Once again, the most crucial scene is throughout supper, which’s when the reality about the report is spoken: Ross and Will created Rachel having a penis in high school. After this expose, Ross’ character simply gets remarkably much better, with Schwimmer’s efficiency standing apart too (one that does not in fact succeed for the character’s perception today). Nevertheless, the funniest aspect of it needs to be Joey’s awareness that he will need to do something if he wishes to consume an entire turkey: use Rachel’s maternity trousers. Traditional Joey’s shenanigans.

4 The One With the Late Thanksgiving – Season 10, Episode 8

the cast of friends peep through the door in friends episode the one with the late thanksgiving

Season 10 would provide us the last Thanksgiving episode ever, and the manufacturers chose to head out in splendor with an extremely well-written episode including all the characters with the very same existence. In the episode, Monica is making Thanksgiving supper as normal, and Chandler assists her make the cranberry sauce. She, obviously, desires everybody to be there on time. The issue is that Ross and Joey get tickets to a Rangers video game, and Rachel and Phoebe go into Emma in a child pageant. What could perhaps fail?

What Makes the Episode Great

The 4 morons show up late, obviously. Furthermore, Rachel and Phoebe forgot to get the pies Monica asked to. The majority of it occurs as Monica and Chandler remain inside the home while the others remain in the corridor after Monica locks them out and leaves them without supper.

The entire characteristics of the program are nostalgically present in the episode, where no drama is effective enough to put the funny fire out. That is, till Monica gets some excellent news while Joey mess up part of the supper. Matt LeBlanc’s excellent performance as Joey stands apart in this episode as one of the absolute best in the series.

3 The One With Rachel’s Other Sis – Season 9, Episode 8

christina applegate in friends episode the one with rachel's other sister

By season 9, Buddies manufacturers had actually currently comprehended how popular Thanksgiving episodes were. And rather of checking out something brand-new, they chose to stick with the old format of “whatever leads up to an excellent supper”. In “The One With Rachel’s Other Sis”, that’s precisely what occurs. Rachel’s other sibling, Amy, appears, and Rachel welcomes her out of pity to Monica’s, where Joey has actually forgotten to go to the parade as a brand-new celeb and Monica and Rachel fidget about utilizing their wedding event china.

The episode’s dispute relates to Amy wishing to take Rachel and Ross’ child when they pass away, and the couple picking Monica and Chandler rather. Stress emerge throughout supper.

What Makes the Episode Great

This is among the very best efficiencies by Jennifer Aniston as Rachel on the program. Her character was required to brand-new heights whenever her siblings, Jill and Amy, appeared. Ross accompanies her, and backs up her as Emma’s papa, and is not greatly included on the episode, other than for one scene that suffices to be unforgettable (the one where he stabilizes the plate on his hands). Monica’s persistence on individuals cutting their food on the air is gold, as is Joey and Phoebe’s plan to come up with a huge lie for Joey’s reason.

Oh, which ending with Monica’s plates all over the flooring? Pure comedy happiness, including one of Chandler’s memorable lines.

2 The One With the Football – Season 3, Episode 9

the cast of friends prepares to play football in episode the one with the football

After season 2 stopped working to have its own Thanksgiving episode, season 3 would treat it with among the very best. In the episode, the gang’s all incorporated in the event, and they choose to play a little football. Initially, Ross and Monica was reluctant since of the Geller Cup occurrence, in which their moms and dads penalized them for being too frustrating and canceled the Thanksgiving competition. However then they accept, and the gang heads over to the park.

What follows is an excellent shift in the series’ structure. All occurring in one setting: a little park that’s in fact huge enough for an amateur three-on-three football video game. No individual disputes, however it is the brother or sister competition that keeps things intriguing to the very end.

What Makes the Episode Great

” The One With the Football” is funny gold, with a best balance of drama and chuckles throughout the entire episode that reveals the women beating the young boy when Rachel in fact captures the ball. However does she in fact score the winning goal? Monica and Ross never ever released the ball, and the rest wind up consuming Thanksgiving supper on their own while Monica and Ross remain in the park holding the ball while it begins to snow.

The episode’s finest efficiencies are those of Perry’s and Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe. In the episode, Monica has one of her best lines provided in the whole program: “I wan na beat you when you can’t blame it on the damaged nose or the buzzer or the truth that you believed you may be coming down with mono.”

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1 The One With All the Thanksgivings – Season 5, Episode 8

Monica wears a turkey on her head in Friends episode the one with all the thanksgivings

The very best Thanksgiving episode of Buddies reviews the past, where Chandler and Monica had actually fulfilled however the concept of being together was too far. It is likewiseone of the best Friends episodes ever The story focuses on all of them being too complete to move a finger and rather deciding to inform each other stories about their worst Thanksgiving. This is the one where we see Chandler’s distressing occasion occur.

However that’s not all. There was one Thanksgiving even worse than that. Or more. The episode takes us to the ’80s when Ross and Chandler, now college friends, headed over to the Gellers’ for the vacations, and there Rachel and Monica were anything however waiting on their arrival.

What Makes the Episode Great

It has whatever. From those revisits to the past that were so popular in the program, to Monica’s piece de resistance as her previous self. The style options by Ross and Chandler as college males will leave you chuckling for days. The episode likewise reveals Monica’s sacrifice out of pure love, when she stuck her direct a turkey’s behind to reveal Chandler her remorse at having actually wielded the knife that left him without a toe in the ’80s.

However let’s not forget that Monica wasn’t the only one who utilized a turkey as a mask. Joey was initially the one with the horrible concept. This episode likewise has Phoebe’s wonderful making of her Thanksgiving events in her previous lives, when she was a nurse throughout the war. It’s so unreasonable, it’s humorous. There’s no concern about this episode being the very best Thanksgiving episode of Buddies.

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