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Blue Eye Samurai Cast and Character Guide

Here’s a fast roundup of all the characters in Netflix’s animated vengeance series Blue Eye Samurai.

This short article includes moderate spoilers for the program Blue Eye Samurai

Blue Eye Samurai has actually turned into one of 2023’s most popular streaming releases. The animated program, produced by the husband-and-wife duo Michael Green and Amber Noizumi (developers of Bladerunner 2049), follows the story of a biracial samurai called Mizu who takes a trip throughout feudal Japan on a mission for revenge. Mizu satisfies an entire cast of intriguing characters along the method, both allies and opponents.

The program was motivated by a genuine occasion in Amber Noizumi’s life. She was struck by an uncommon sensation when she looked into the blue eyes of her newborn child– very first she was pleased at the lovely color, then she questioned why she was so pleased to see light eyes on her mixed-race kid. The psychological experience developed into the program, which has actually increased to the Leading 10 most-watched programs on Netflix in the very first week of its release.

The program likewise has an all-star cast, with famous names like George Takei, Masi Oka of Heroes reknown, and Kenneth Branagh including his voice to a definitely chilling efficiency as the bad guy.

The extremely initial story, with its spectacular animation and fascinating battle scenes, has actually recorded the attention of audiences given that, making rave evaluations. With all the buzz going on, here is a list of the cast and characters of the program Blue Eye Samurai.

Maya Erskine as Mizu

Mizu (Maya Erskine) in Netflix's Blue Eye Samurai

Mizu is the charming primary character, determined on a journey of vengeance. Initially represented as gender-neutral in the beginning, Mizu is exposed to be a female hiding as a guy in this Edo-period Japanese society. She has actually been formed by the years of challenge that she needed to sustain due to her ethnic background, that made her a target of reject and hatred. Westerners were disallowed in Japan at the time, therefore Mizu is a sign of an impact the Japanese were attempting to get rid of. Mizu needs to find out how to safeguard herself, conceal who she really is, and end up being strong, all at a young age.

Thankfully, Mizu discovers her method into the work and care of a famous swordsmith called Master Eiji. He takes her in and trains her how to assist him, and ultimately how to make swords herself. She likewise found out the method of the katana as she matures, thanks to the numerous samurai that frequently visited her master. She’s committed her life to finding out the blade, so that she can specific vengeance on the 4 white guys who still reside in Japan covertly, among whom made her a “animal of pity.” Mizu fights with self-hatred based upon maturing internalizing the hate she gets from everybody around her, and moves through the world as an adult concealing her eye color and desiring absolutely nothing however to eliminate the guy who may be her daddy.

Mizu is played by Maya Erskine, an American star best understood for her function in the funny program PEN15 Aside from this, she’s likewise dealt with Crossing Swords, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and the popular superhero funny movie DC League of Super-Pets.

Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as Master Eiji

Master Eiji and Mizu forging a sword.

Master Eiji, who is Mizu frequently calls Swordfather, is a famous blind swordsmith who lost his vision due to a fire. He crafts splendid and highly-sought blades for samurai who take a trip throughout Japan for his services. His training assists form Mizu to end up being a fantastic samurai.

Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa is a Japanese-American star who has actually appeared in numerous programs and motion pictures. He’s best understood for his deal with Mortal Kombat, Tekken, and the alternate history series Male in the High Castle

Masi Oka as Ringo

Ringo standing in the snow.

Ringo is a passionate noodle cook who has actually chosen to drop whatever and follow Mizu as her apprentice, after seeing her battle versus bullies in a noodle store. Regardless of being born without hands, Ringo is identified to be a fantastic samurai– or a minimum of terrific at something.

Masi Oka plays Ringo, providing his heat and alluring wholesomeness to the function. He is best understood for playing Hiro Nakamura on the sci-fi superhero series Heroes Beyond his time of playing Hiro, Masi Oka has actually likewise appeared in Hawaii Five-0, Death Note, and the action motion picture The Meg

Darren Barnet as Taigen

Taigen standing in the snow.

Taigen is a big-headed yet charming honor-obsessed samurai. He’s a young warrior filled with goals of achievement, and he is the very best samurai at his whole dojo, understood for never ever losing a battle– that is up until he crosses swords with Mizu. Disgraced after his defeat to a “half-breed”, his enthusiastic engagement to the Princess Akemi is cancelled. Due to the fact that of this, Taigen triggers on a mission to beat Mizu in order to restore his honor.

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Darren Barnet voices Taigen on the program. Beyond Blue Eye Samurai, Barnet has actually dealt with the series Never Ever Have I Ever, the Netflix motion picture Love Hard, and the movie adaptation of Gran Turismo.

Brenda Tune as Princess Akemi

Princess Akemi and Taigen in Blue Eye Samurai.

Princess Akemi embodies the difficulties of females residing in feudal times. Due to the fact that she’s thought about to be inferior, everybody around Akemi makes her choices for her. They select what she does, where she goes, and who she weds– and this is why Akemi desires something: liberty. Akemi’s desire for liberty takes her on a journey that assists her to find who she is and what it is she truly desires, and her desire modifications along the method as she alters, too.

Brenda Tune voices Akemi on the program. She’s best understood for her time on Disney Channel’s The Suite Life of Zack and Cody She’s likewise appeared in Dollface, The Social Media, and Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior

George Takei as Seki

Seki in Blue Eye Samurai

Seki is Princess Akemi’s guardian and confidant. He attempts to do what he believes is best for Akemi even if she does not constantly see it by doing this. Regardless of this, he’s a kind guy that desires what’s finest for the princess.

The famous George Takei voices Seki on the program. Takei is most understood for his time on Star Trek: The Original Series asthe iconic Hikaru Sulu He’s likewise dealt with Heroes, Hit-Monkey, and Love Beast, however he might be best understood nowadays as a cultural icon in addition to a star.

Kenneth Branagh as Abijah Fowler

Abijah Fowler on Blue Eye Samurai

Abijah Fowler is the primary villain of the Blue Eye Samurai The Irish hooligan is a monster of a guy whose hunger for degeneracy is just matched by his bloodlust. Fowler has actually remained in confinement in a big castle for several years, as westerners are disallowed in Japan. He kickbacks the shogun to remain, even restricted as he is. However together with his ally Heiji Shindo, Fowler is hellbent on toppling the Shogunate in order to take control of Japan. Once they remain in control, Fowler intends on opening Japan to the West so that they can bleed Japan dry. A great story constantly depends on a great bad guy, and Branagh’s chill-inducing efficiency as Fowler is among the very best aspects of the program.

Kenneth Branagh plays Abijah Fowler on the program. Branagh is best understood for directing and starring in Murder on the Orient Express ( 2017 ) He’s likewise acted in movies such as Oppenheimer, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Tricks, and Warm Springs

Randall Park as Heiji Shindo

Heiji Shindo waiting for Mizu.

Heiji Shindo is a seedy trader who handles flesh, opium, and weapons. He’s likewise a recognized partner of the Western trader Abijah Fowler. Together, they are outlining to revolt versus the shogunate and take control of Japan – however Shindo never ever lets anybody understand where his real commitments lie.

Randall Park brings his voice acting skills to Heiji Shindo on the program. He’s best understood for his time on the comedy Fresh Off the Boat Beyond acting, Park has actually likewise meddled directing. He made his directorial debut with Imperfections, which premiered at the 2023 Sundance Movie Celebration.

Harry Shum Jr. as Takayoshi

Takayoshi sitting in his room.

After Taigen triggers to restore his honor, Akemi is wed off to the Shogun’s kid Takayoshi Regardless of gathering a track record for being a violent and disgusting guy, it’s exposed that the peaceful, faltering Takayoshi is nonviolent in nature and undergoes the impulses of his self-important mom.

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Harry Shum Jr. is Costa Rican-born Chinese American star that has actually appeared in various programs and motion pictures. He’s best understood for his deal with Glee, Grey’s Anatomy, and the motion picture praised for its Asian representation, Whatever All Over Simultaneously.

Mark Dacascos as Bloodsoaked Chiaki

Bloodsoaked Chiaki holding up two swords.

When Heiji Shindo is warned of Mizu and her plot to eliminate Abijah Fowler, he sends out an elite group of assassins called the 4 Fangs after her. Bloodsoaked Chiaki is the leader of the 4 Fangs and the wielder of a taken damaged blade produced by Master Eiji.

Mark Dacascos is a star and martial artist who has actually operated in numerous movies and programs. Many acknowledged for his function in John Wick: Chapter 3, he’s likewise dealt with Knights of the Zodiac, Blade of the 47 Ronin, and the martial arts-focused Max series Warrior

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