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Best Bethany Enjoyment Lenz Performances, Ranked

Bethany Enjoyment Lenz has really offered remarkable movie in many popular movie and tv programs.

Bethany Enjoyment Lenz is an accomplished star with over 40 movie and tv credits thinking about that her occupation began in 1992. After fine-tuning her carrying out capabilities on the daytime soap Helping Light, Lenz went on to star in the popular teen drama One Tree Hill for a years. In in between her long-lasting character arc, Lenz played a plethora of supporting characters in various jobs that enabled her to show her diverse abilities.



By 2014, Lenz found the very best particular niche for her acting abilities and onscreen character by starring in The Christmas Technique, the really first of many Hallmark romantic funnies that continue to this day. With Lenz poised to star in A Baltimore Christmas this vacation, there’s no far better time to highlight Lenz’s all-time finest screen effectiveness to date.

10 Dexter

Dexter sits by Cassie in Dexter

Lenz joined the 8th and last season of Showtime’s hit drama series, Dexter, and offered an amazing five-episode performance as a character called Cassie Jollenston. Cassie is Dexter’s new neighbor, Jamie’s buddy, a previous funding executive, and a local food truck owner. When Dexter stands her up throughout a lunch date, Cassie begins dating a callous killer called Oliver Saxon, which reveals to have worrying impacts.

Amongst the hardest things for a star to do is join a struck tv program that has really presently been trustworthy for numerous years and make an instant impression. Yet, Lenz does just that by not simply holding her own opposite the well-known Michael C. Hall as Dexter, nevertheless also by showcasing a much more sober, grounded, and considerable performance than fans are used to seeing. Despite her brief supporting function, the genuine pain and suffering audiences feel connecting to Cassie’s fate is a statement to Lenz’s acting aplomb.

9 Pearson

Keri tears up in Pearson
U.S.A. Network

Pearson is a legal/political drama and spinoff of the popular tv program Fits The plot concerns Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres), a leading Chicago legal agent who enters into the world of suspicious politics and uses her big connections to help corrupt selected authorities and do their unclean bidding. Lenz takes second billing as Keri Allen, a passionate legal agent and right-hand of Chicago mayor Bobby Novak.

Throughout a standout 10-episode arc that enabled her to broaden her character and absolutely inhabit Keri’s skin, Lenz is offered a lot more to do in Pearson than in the bulk of her brief tv functions. For instance, the juicy story consisting of Keri’s torrid love affair with the married Mayor Novak and the desperate effort to keep her unclean technique from the public supply Lenz with a great possibility to play a bothersome character with encouraging results.

8 A Valentine’s Match

Zach and Natalie hold hands in A Valentine's Match
Hallmark Channel

In what has really wound up being a performative sweet location for her natural abilities, A Valentine’s Match is amongst a variety of lovely Hallmark rom-coms that depend upon the shutting off appeals of Lenz’s starring turn. Lenz shines as Natalie Simmons, a fact tv host who loses her job in San Francisco and return to her Oregon home town in a funk. While home, Natalie end up running the annual Valentine’s Day charity auction, where she can not endure the appeals of an old partner called Zach (Luke Macfarlane).

For as formulaic, schmaltzy, and foreseeable as many Hallmark rom-coms tend to be, Lenz makes audiences disregard such misgivings with her magnetic performance. There’s a factor Lenz continues to be cast as the female lead in annual Hallmark movie, with her ability to nail the tone and tenor of the trademark name far better than most of. In A Valentine’s Match, Lenz kips down yet another fascinating, feel-good performance that raises the item.

7 Royal Matchmaker

Kate and Sebastian face off in Royal Matchmaker
Hallmark Channel

Royal Matchmaker is a terrific Hallmark movie that stars Lenz as Kate Gleason. Kate lives in New york city city and is called the best matchmaker in the city. As such, the King of Voldavia needs Kate to find a proper bride for his kid, Prince Sebastian (Will Kemp). Kate takes the barrier nevertheless rapidly comprehends she can’t help nevertheless catch the rakish royal herself.

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After starring in a variety of Christmas Hallmark movie that began to grow stagnant and use their welcome, Lenz found a new stride by managing amongst the channel’s annual royal love. Although the plot acknowledges, Lenz dominates the clichés by offering a totally dedicated, favorable, and commanding performance. She brings such an extreme, effervescent presence to the screen that it’s very basic to delight in her radiant appeals. On the other hand, her connection with Kemp reveals that no matter who Hallmark casts Lenz with, she continuously makes the love reputable.

6 Just My Type

Vanessa wears a rain jacket in Just My Type
Hallmark Channel

Just My Type stars Lenz as Vanessa Sills, a pop culture press reporter and budding author living in New york city city. When Vanessa rankings the job of a life time by interviewing her idol in Washington state, an enigmatic secret author called Martin Clayborne (Brett Dalton), she requires to support her career-driven goals and her romantic feelings. On the other hand, Vanessa’s ex tries to win her back, making her options a lot more necessary.

Despite comprehending specifically where conclusion of the acclaimed Hallmark movie is heading, Lenz offers another encouraging performance that makes audiences have empathy with her concern and root for her pleasure. Torn in between scoring a substantial discount at work and pursuing the potential love of her life, Lenz imbues Vanessa with a sense of genuine angst and unpredictability that is tough to do not like. In addition, the screen chemistry she has with Dalton is a lot more electrical than she had with Macfarlane in A Valentine’s Match

5 Bottled With Love

Abbey wears polka dots in Bottled With Love
Hallmark Channel

Hallmark’s Bottled With Love stars Lenz as Abbey Lawrence, a career-driven executive living in Boston. Fed up with her romantic failures, Abbey exposes her desire genuine love in a letter, puts it in a bottle, and tosses it in the harbor. Months in the future, the letter reaches Nick (Andrew Walker) in Maine, who strikes be the CEO of business where Abbey works. An appealing plot leads the way to yet another appealing performance by Lenz.

After starring together in the 2017 decent recommendation, Snowed-In Christmas, Lenz and Walker reveal a lot more palpable onscreen dependability as a romantic couple in Bottled with Love Lenz brings great deals of Hallmark movie experience to her function as Abbey, which goes a long technique in making her character relatable and absolutely three-dimensional. The aspect Bottled with Love outranks the other Hallmark movie is since of Lenz’s funny funny timing.

4 So Cold The River

Erica takes a bath in So Cold The River
Saban Motion Pictures

In a much different performance than she’s quit her occupation, Lenz stars as Erica Shaw in the underrated horror movie perfect for Halloween, So Cold the River Erica is a documentary filmmaker who is searched for by a girl called Alyssa to profile her diing, billionaire daddy. With definitely nothing nevertheless an odd water bottle to go on, Erica slowly loosens up a history of wicked behind the town that relates to the billionaire’s family.

After illustrating many satisfying, entertaining, and favorable characters, Lenz exposes an absolutely new side of her carrying out capabilities in So Cold the River and never ever dissatisfies. The technique she guides the audiences through her own assessment by picking drips and drabs of information relating to the grand conspiracy at the heart of the story is really remarkable. Both tough and vulnerable at the very same time, Lenz’s strong performance dominates the movie’s uncertain ending and lack of a resolution.

3 The Christmas Secret

Jason puts a necklace on Christine in A Christmas Secret
Hallmark Channel

Lenz took spotlight in her really first Hallmark holiday movie by ways of The Christmas Secret, a pattern that has really continued for a years. Lenz plays Christine Eisley, a single mama who simply recently lost her job, handle expulsion from her ex-husband, and loses a crucial Christmas family treasure. Many things break Christine that it’s tough not to root for her pleasure when she pleases a rushing guy called Jason (John Reardon) while taking a job in a bakeshop.

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The performance that started whatever, Lenz absolutely emblazoned the screen with a luminous performance that made Hallmark acknowledge her abilities and continue to cast for her 10 years straight. The script helps promote genuine pathos and empathy for Christine, with Lenz’s performance as a single mama standing much taller than the Hallmark movie in which she plays a childless character. All notified, thanks to Lenz’s gifted performance, The Christmas Secret may still rank as Hallmark’s finest holiday movie.

2 Helping Light

Danny and Michelle embrace in Guiding Light

Lenz represented Michelle Bauer Santos in 49 episodes of the popular daytime soap, Guiding Light, marking the 3rd star to do so behind Rachel Miner and Rebecca Budig. Michelle Bauer is the kid of Ed and Maureen and the sis of Meta. Throughout Lenz’s 3-year arc on the program, Michelle was offered a variety of considerable stories that made it possible for Lenz to develop her acting craft.

For example, amongst Michelle’s most of engaging stories included her secret killing of Mick in self-defense. When Mick’s brother Danny appears in the location looking for his killer, he discovers Michelle is liable and weds her anyhow to protect her from her mama and callous mob supervisor, Carmen.

The technique Lenz represented Michelle’s harming, undying love for her ex-boyfriend Jesse while being wed to Danny required a good deal of heavy mental lifting. To do so believably at such a young age, Lenz ought to have all the credit on earth.

1 One Tree Hill

Haley looks shocked in One Tree Hill
The WB

Without issue, Bethany Enjoyment Lenz will continuously be connected with the character Haley James Scott fromOne Tree Hill The hit WB teen drama follows Lucas and Nathan Scott, completing half-brothers managing their friends, family, love, and sports groups in North Carolina. Haley is Lucas’ friend who end up winding up being Nathan’s significant other as the series advances, putting her in between their severe family competitors.

In her most encouraging and substantial performance to date, Lenz played Haley for a fantastic 187 episodes in between 2003 and 2012. Simply put, Lenz grew with the character and allowed fans to advance, grow, and totally grown together with her for far better and even worse.

The big volume of screen time, considerable plotlines, and considerable character arcs allowed Lenz to embody Haley far better, longer, and more memorably than any other performance of her occupation up until now. As such, it’s not a surprise that Lenz made 4 Teen Alternative Award elections for her work as Haley James Scott.

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