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Austin Butler Requires To the Skies in Masters of the Air Trailer

Apple television reveals the very first trailer for war drama Masters of the Air, which acts as a buddy piece to Band of Bro and The Pacific.


  • Academy Award-nominee Austin Butler requires to the skies as a The second world war pilot in the very first trailer for Apple television’s upcoming war drama series, Masters of the Air.
  • Like Band of Bro and The Pacific, Masters of the Air shows the scaries of war and the stories of its heroes.
  • The series boasts an outstanding cast, consisting of Austin Butler, Barry Keoghan, and Callum Turner, with a best date set for January 26, 2024, on Apple television+.

Academy Award-nominee Austin Butler ends up being a The second world war pilot in the very first trailer for Masters of the Air, an approaching war drama series from Apple television, produced by Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman. After the amazing success of Conserving Personal Ryan in 1998, Hanks and Spielberg got together as soon as again to produce another impressive war story, Band of Bro The program, which was launched in 2001, turned into one of the most renowned titles in HBO’s history, and, in 2010 they provided another struck with The Pacific, likewise launched on HBO. Now, thirteen years later on, they’re collaborating as soon as again together with Goetzman for Masters of the Air, a complementary story to the previous programs.

Based upon the book of the very same name by Donald L. Miller, the plot follows the brave experiences of the 100th Bomb Group aka Bloody Hundredth, a group of pilots who battle from the skies, in spite of the dreadful conditions they deal with at 25,000 feet high. Like Band of Bro and The Pacific, the series not just shows the dreadful scenes of war, the discomfort of losses and the ruthlessness of fights, it likewise concentrates on the story of each hero and the bond developed by the group.

Apple television has actually lastly launched the very first full-length trailer for Masters of the Air, which premieres on January 26, 2024, with 2 episodes, with a brand-new episode coming out every Friday till March 15. Inspect the trailer listed below together with the main run-through:

Together with the brand-new trailer, you can likewise check out the main run-through listed below:

” Masters of the Air follows the males of the 100th Bomb Group (the Bloody Hundredth) as they perform risky battle raids over Nazi Germany and face the freezing conditions, absence of oxygen and large horror of fight carried out at 25,000 feet in the air. Depicting the mental and psychological cost paid by these boys as they assisted ruin the scary of Hitler’s Third Reich, is at the heart of Masters of the Air. Some were shot down and caught; some were injured or eliminated. And some were fortunate adequate to make it home. No matter private fate, a toll was exacted on them all.”

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Masters of the Air Has Actually Hired an Excellent Cast

Still from Masters of Air.
Apple Television+

The cast o f Masters of the Air is led by the current Oscar candidate for Elvis, Austin Butler, who is going through a great moment in his career after spectacular audiences in the biopic directed by Baz Luhrman. In addition to Masters of the Air, his approaching jobs consist of playing among the huge bad guys in Dune Sequel, and the drama The Bikeriders, directed by Jeff Nichols, which was just recently postponed.

The series stars another Academy Award-nominee, Barry Keoghan, who is likewise rapidly ending up being a significant A-lister. The star of The Banshees of Inisherin will star in Emerald Fennell’s new film Saltburn, which comes out later on this month, while he has 2 other movies in production.

Callum Turner, star of Great Monsters, is another of the noteworthy stars in the cast of Masters of the Air The British star will likewise be starring in The Boys in the Boat, the next movie directed by George Clooney, coming out this year. The cast of the series is finished by Anthony Boyle, Nate Mann, Rafferty Law, Josiah Cross, Branden Cook, and Ncuti Gatwa, the brand-new star of Medical Professional Who

Masters of the Air is set to premiere on January 26, 2024, on Apple television+.

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