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Aquaman 2 Director Protects Imaginative Option in Reducing Amber Heard’s Function

James Wan describes why he waits the choice to minimize Amber Heard’s function in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.


  • Director James Wan safeguards minimizing Amber Heard’s function in Aquaman 2, mentioning it was his initial prepare for the follow up, not a response to debate.
  • The follow up is planned to be a friend funny focused around Jason Momoa and Patrick Wilson’s characters, unlike the very first movie’s action-adventure romantic funny tone.
  • Wan highlights that unfavorable stories about the movie’s production are not the truth and advises individuals to concentrate on the fact instead of media stories.

Director James Wan has actually safeguarded the choice to minimize Amber Heard‘s function inAquaman and the Lost Kingdom The debate surrounding Heard’s legal fights with Johnny Depp had actually positioned a spotlight on the starlet, with some fans requiring her elimination from the movie. In a current interview with Empire Publication, Wan clarified that this decrease was not a reactionary relocation. Rather, it became part of his initial innovative vision for the movie. He explained that while Heard had actually pointed out that Warner Bros. cut a few of her scenes in Aquaman 2, this was not due to any studio unwillingness to include her character.

Rather, it was since the follow up was constantly prepared to be a friend funny focused around Jason Momoa’s Arthur Curry and Patrick Wilson’s Orm. Wan’s method was to make the very first movie more of an action-adventure romantic funny and reserve the follow up for a straight-out pal funny, similar to Tango & & Money.

” It’s reasonable that [Heard] stated that [about the character being pared down], since she wasn’t in my head as I was dealing with this motion picture. Stars do not always understand what we [directors] behind the scenes are thinking of. However this was constantly my strategy. From the start, I pitched that the very first movie would be a ‘Romancing The Stone’- type thing– an action-adventure romantic funny– while the 2nd would be a straight-out pal funny. I wished to do ‘Tango & & Money!'”

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James Wan Teases a Retro Sci-Fi and Scary Experience in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Aquaman 2

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

The follow-up to the blockbuster DC experience Aquaman, starring Jason Momoa as the King of Atlantas.

Release Date
December 25, 2023

James Wan

Jason Momoa, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson, Dolph Lundgren, Temuera Morrison


Superhero, Action, Experience, Dream

The approaching Aquaman follow up guarantees a fresh adventure for Arthur Curry, who discovers himself faced by a brand-new hazard to his undersea kingdom. This unanticipated obstacle forces him to create an alliance with a previous opponent. While the movie becomes part of the bigger DCEU, it’s created to base on its own, just like the comics stories that have actually motivated it. The pressure for the follow up to carry out remarkably well originates from previous underperforming DCEU movies, which has actually caused substantial modifications in its post-production stage.

Nevertheless, in a current interview with Empire Publication, James Wan revealed his difference with the unfavorable story surrounding the movie’s production. He worried that his individual experience throughout shooting did not line up with the stories distributing in the media.

” I have actually needed to find out to be more Zen in handling all the sound around me, for sure. I’m a quite personal individual. I do not get on social networks and have battles, however it’s challenging since this story has actually emerged that is not the truth. The sound is enjoyable to discuss, and it gets clicks, however individuals do not understand the fact.”

Wan likewise formerly teased that the movie will provide an “old-school sci-fi and horror” experience, setting it apart from its predecessor.

” There was a component of scary in the very first movie. However this 2nd motion picture certainly has more of that. That ended up being the style structure. The Lost Kingdom has a really retro, ’60s scary appearance. We have this substantial action set-piece where Arthur and Orm battle [Black Manta’s] henchmen, utilizing the ‘Octobot’– this mechanical squid thing. That was actually enjoyable to shoot.”

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is arranged to make its theatrical launching on December 20, 2023.

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