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25 Lots Of Timeless K-Dramas Ever Made

These Korean dramas will never ever age.

Korean dramas have really wound up being a fascination within the previous number of years. These series, which are rapidly binge-watchable and tend to consist of rather quick seasons compared to their Western equivalents, have really been at the forefront of many discussions, whether they’re the most paradoxical Korean dramas or Squid Computer Game, which was employed numerous languages. In spite of the one-inch-tall barrier of subtitles, the streaming age has really produced a truly globalized world of product and what people can take in everyday. Streaming platforms have really similarly substantially acknowledged this desire and have really accommodated the increasing appeal of foreign-language television and movie.



Considering That of that, various have their favored Korean dramas, nevertheless it has really wound up being unassailable that a few of these television programs have really wound up being classics for several years. Their effect runs deep regardless if a bachelor is a fan of the program or not. Whether they are amongst the preliminary programs that brought Korean television to the attention of the broader world or a program that came out to honor throughout present years, these television programs have really revealed they can stand the test of time and acquire the status of “ageless.” The following twenty programs have really done merely this throughout the years.

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25 Home Town Cha Cha Cha

Kim Seon-ho as Hong Du-sik & Shin Min-a as Yoon Hye-jin

Yoon Hye Jin is a city oral professional who presently takes sufficient drama from her company. Nevertheless when things go out of hand one day, she picks to stop and on an impulse, drives to the seaside village where she made use of to go as a kid.

After strolling for a bit, Hye Jin comprehends that the town does not have an oral professional and she handles to open a practice there despite the locals questioning her and decreasing her. On the other hand, she pleases Hong Do Shik, a smug jack of all trades who has excellent goals nevertheless looks out for Hye Jin’s presence in the location. Home Town Cha Cha Cha is a stunning drama that begins with one female searching an ineffective sanctuary nevertheless rapidly becomes an ode to second chances and little empathies within an area.

24 Vincenzo

Song Joong-ki as Vincenzo Cassano

Vincenzo is a strongly bound and remarkably interesting story of Vincenzo Cassano, a suave Korean-Italian mafia legal agent who was welcomed at the age of 8 by an Italian family. Developing in a different country and around wicked people has not simply enhanced him nevertheless similarly made him a crucial belongings.

When a deadly war erupts between two mafia groups, he takes the smarter course and return to his homeland, South Korea. He at first pleases a daring and recognized legal representative Hong Cha Young, who would not stop at anything to win a case. Then, he handles an efficient corporation, that seems requesting for issue. Working best as a revenge drama, Vincenzo manages to get both passionate and chill when required.

23 University Hospital Playlist

Hospital Playlist

As far as medical dramas go, number of are as mental yet calming as University Hospital Playlist With 2 seasons and 5 main characters, the program encourages you that the genuine joy and function of life stays in relationship. Chae Tune Hwa, Yang Suk Hyung, Lee Ik Jun, Kim Jun Wan, and Ahn Jung Won have really been buddies thinking about that graduate school.

They started studying at the extremely exact same medical college in 1999 and after that began their residency and eventually wound up being incredible in their specialized fields as doctors. Now running at Yulje Medical Center, these 5 buddies are bound by their love for the profession, hot food, and finding solace in band practices every when in a while.

22 Weight-lifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Lee Sung-Kyung as Kim Bok-joo & Nam Joo-hyuk as Jung Joon-hyung

Kim Bok-joo is a weightlifter who has really continuously surpassed expectations and is on her approach to achieving her think of winning a gold medal for her country. Nevertheless as a lady, she has the desire to have a routine life filled with love and heart-eyes. When she succumbs to Jung Jae-yi, a physical conditioning doctor, she is even going to stop on raising steel and minimizing weight.

Their puppy love is interrupted due to the reality that she has really Jung Joon-hyung, her youth pal and competent swimmer, rooting for her success. Though love eventually simmers in between the 2, it is the journey that makes the series much more gratifying. Furthermore, Weight-lifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo has a truckload of wholehearted minutes that will bring you pleasure beyond action.

21 Oh My Venus

Romantic scene from Oh My Venus

Kang Joo Eun was definitely nothing other than a stunner back in high school. Nevertheless private catastrophes and neglected consuming regimens led her to get a good deal of weight and now, as a 33-year-old woman, she does not have much going on. Particularly after her lasting partner of 15 years breaks up with her.

Recognized to get a revenge body, she deals with a private health physical fitness trainer and begins her journey of physical enhancement. Kim Yeong Ho has a bad young kid reliability in Hollywood, and when one scandal threatens his image even further, he returns to Korea to reside in consistency. Both the main characters share a perky chemistry and take pleasure in life’s little complete satisfaction. Nevertheless beyond being a drama about love, Oh My Venus similarly focuses on the worth of self-love and second chances and how our external shells do not define who we are as a person.

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20 Strong Woman Do Bong-soon

Strong Girl Do Bong-soon
JS Images

Park Bo-young represents Do Bong-soon in Strong Woman Do Bong-soon and does it with design. Blessed with supernatural strength when she was born, Do Bong-soon uses it and winds up being a bodyguard for a plentiful CEO and recipient.

Nevertheless when a series of kidnapping cases take place around the place, Do requirement to find to harness her strength before people she values get damaged.

19 Business Proposal

Business Proposal

In Business Proposal, the classic rich-poor trope of Korean dramas appears yet as soon as again. An employee at a popular Korean food company goes on an organized date with her buddy and pretends to be her.

Nevertheless when she comprehends the CEO of her company is sitting across from her, it opens a whole brand-new can of worms. At work, she can simply pretend and hide for so long, and when she’s finally caught, a love appears.

18 Reply 1988

The families from Reply 1988

Amongst the most valuable Korean dramas in the last couple of years, Reply 1988 happens in the year 1988 and focuses on one neighborhood and people living in it.

Everyone gets in touch with each other and his buddies, nevertheless as particular celebrations happen throughout the series, it puts the main characters, youths developing throughout this time, in a position where they require to handle a variety of vital barriers.

17 Guardian: The Lonely and Great God


Guardian: The Lonely and Great God was amongst the highest-rated Korean dramas in domestic Korean history when it at first aired. It notifies the story of Kim Shin, a male who was betrayed centuries previously and wound up being a dokkaebi, or Korean goblin, due to the reality that of it.

Now never-ceasing, he requires to find his fated bride to leave his fate. Nevertheless when he pleases her, a Korean high school student, he now requires to protect her.

16 Secret Garden

Secret Garden

Ha Ji-won and Hyun Bin starred in the 2010 drama Secret Garden, which is affected by the story of Cinderella Kim Joo-won is the CEO of a high-end outlet shop when a scandal breaks out in his own family.

When he end up satisfying a stuntwoman, he finds himself succumbing to her despite his better judgment in the beginning about her. As the 2 continue seeing each other, it needs them to challenge how numerous their worlds are.

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15 Therapist

Ji Chang-wook as Seo Jung-hu/Healer

Therapist consists of Ji Chang-wook and Park Min-young ahead functions, and happens throughout the modern, although the characters are taking a look at celebrations in the past.

A press reporter and fighter team up to try and find the truth of an incident in the past with a group of buddies running a pro-democracy station, nevertheless when they dig much deeper into this, the more it needs them to question whatever around them.

14 Dream High

Dream High

Amongst the most representative dramas of the school genre and the early 2010s, Dream High may have been amongst the kick-starters concerning why various school exposes exist in Korean dramas.

Set at a South Korean high school, a group of students makes every effort to try and achieve their think of winding up being a K-pop. Along the approach, some may even find love.

13 Crash Landing on You

Son Ye-jin as Yoon Se-ri & Hyun Bin as Ri Jeong-hyeok

Crash Landing on You is amongst the most popular drama launches up previously, and there are a great deal of excellent aspects concerning why that is true.

It notifies the story of a plentiful female CEO who, after a freak moving incident, end up found in North Korea by a captain in the army. He shelters her in his home and along the approach, the 2 of them fall in love despite comprehending they do not belong together.

12 Mr. Sunshine


Lee Byung-hun and Kim Tae-ri are forces to see in the drama Mr. Sunshine, which happens in Joseon Korea throughout the late 1800s. Lee represents Eugene Choi, who, as a kid, is needed to the United States.

When he returns to his homeland years in the future, he succumbs to a woman consisted of with the Righteous Army at that time. Their love is not an easy one, as seen in the drama.

11 Descendants of the Sun

Song Joong-ki as Captain Yoo Si-jin & Song Hye-kyo as Doctor Kang Mo-yeon

Descendants of the Sun takes the main characters, a physician and a soldier, and puts them in 2 numerous countries for their love. They please at first in South Korea nevertheless are acutely conscious their love will not work.

Nevertheless when they reunite in a foreign country, things might end up absolutely numerous in their story than at first expected.

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10 Coffee Prince

Go Eun-chan holds Choi Han-gyeol's face
Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation

Amongst the programs that at first brought star Gong Yoo to prominence, Coffee Prince follows a grand kid whose grandmother is the chairwoman of a considerable food company in Korea.

To escape a series of set up dates, he tries to motivate his grandmother he is gay, nevertheless there’s a twist: the private he is seeing is a woman, he merely does not acknowledge that.

9 My Love from the Star

A scene from My Love from the Star
HB Home Home Entertainment

My Love from the Star isanother icon of Korean dramas Kim Soo-hyun represents an alien preparing to return to his home country when he crosses courses with a messy starlet (Jun Ji-hyun).

Merely as he thinks he’s wound up with Earth, life has other get ready for him.

8 Exceptional Attorney Woo

Attorney Woo with Lee Jun-ho
Netflix, ENA

Amongst the more popular programs on Netflix in the last couple of years, Extraordinary Attorney Woo is a tale about Woo Young-woo.

In spite of being autistic and a beginner, she beats the opportunities and exposes she’s capable by being dealt with at a substantial Seoul-based law practice. In spite of possible discrimination and jealousy from others, she manages to reveal that she’s merely as comparable as them.

7 Exceptional You

Extraordinary You
  • MBC Drama Production

Exceptional You‘s protagonist discovers a technique: the world she stays in does not exist. She’s a character in a manhwa, or a Korean webtoon.

When she sets out to change her fate, she discovers amongst the unnamed characters. The 2 end up growing much better, nevertheless this does not come without substantial results for their stories.

6 Itaewon Class

Itaewon Class

Based upon a webtoon, Itaewon Class is a story about fight and grit. Park Sae-ro-yi tries to get rid of the recipient of a substantial company after his papa end up dead, putting him in jail.

After heading out, he opens his own bar in Itaewon and searches for the supreme method to get revenge versus the guy who damaged his life.

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