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15 Things You Never Ever Understood About The Headache Before Christmas

No matter the number of times you have actually seen The Headache Before Christmas there are still a lot of tricks to find about Tim Burton’s supreme vacation classic.

For a number of us, The Nightmare Before Christmas has actually ended up being as much of a vacation custom as the stop-motion animation classics that motivated it. Jack, Sally, Absolutely no, and the rest of Halloween Town have actually captivated our creativities (and filled our antiques racks) since the film showed up in theaters in October 1993. And with it now so easily offered to view on Disney+, it appears that custom isn’t disappearing at any time quickly.



Update October 17, 2023: It is the 30th anniversary of the release of The Headache Before Christmas, so this short article has actually been upgraded with much more realities about the renowned Disney movie.

Regardless of the film still being as enduringly popular as ever, there are numerous things even hardcore fans might not understand about the mishmash vacation movie. So, in the interest of finding out something brand-new, here’s a take a look at 15 things you never ever understood about The Headache Before Christmas

15 The Headache Before Christmas Began as a Poem

A scene from The Nightmare Before Christmas.
Buena Vista Pictures

Clement Clark Moore’s 1823 poem “A Go to from St. Nicholas” is more typically described as The Night Before Christmas, thanks to its opening line, “‘T was the night before Christmas.” Tim Burton, who matured in Southern California, has actually stated he was motivated by the accident of vacation designs in shops as the seasonal areas changed from Halloween to Christmas. As he labored away as an animator at Disney, he began to deal with his own tasks, too, consisting of the poem turned stop-motion animation brief Vincent and a parody of The Night Before Christmas, that included Jack Skellington and his ghost pet dog buddy, Absolutely no.

14 Burton First Envisioned It as a Television Unique

Nightmare Before Christmas characters hold hands

It’s obvious that The Headache Before Christmas was considerably motivated by stop-motion vacation classics made by Rankin/Bass Productions, the business established by Arthur Rankin, Jr. and Jules Bass. Their stop-motion television specials consisted of 1964’s Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer with Burl Ives, 1971’s Here Comes Peter Cottontail with Danny Kaye, and 1979’s Jack Frost with Pal Hackett. Burton at first pitched The Headache Before Christmas as something comparable, which might play each year.

13 The Headache Before Christmas Wasn’t Directed by Tim Burton

Tim Burton and Henry Selick BTS on The Nightmare Before Christmas

Strange right? We aren’t attempting to insult anybody’s intelligence who understood this currently, and one can definitely be forgiven for making this error. After all, the filmmaker behind Beetlejuice and Pee Wee’s Huge Experience gets prominence here. Burton created the story and the feel and look of the characters, however The Headache Before Christmas was really the directorial launching of Henry Selick.

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Burton, as manufacturer, had his old coworker from Disney direct, releasing him approximately end up Batman Returns. It ends up that the confusion hasn’t gone unnoticed by Selick, who is less than satisfied that he is frequently not credited as the movie’s director.

12 It Took 3 Years to Make

The Nightmare Before Christmas behind the scenes

At just 76 minutes long, The Headache Before Christmas is definitely at the brief end of what makes up a function movie. It may be unexpected then to discover that the movie took 3 years to make. This is mainly since a stop-motion film on this scale had not been done previously, with simply one minute of movie taking an entire week to make and the movie as an entire including over 100,000 frames in overall. Along with taking great deals of time, it likewise needed a lot of workforce. -120 team members are believed to have actually contributed in bringing the movie to life. All in all, not a simple task.

11 Over 200 Puppets Were Utilized

The Nightmare Before Christmas characters

In the movie, the towns of Halloween and Christmas are occupied by a range of whacky characters, all with their own distinct appearance. In overall, more than 200 various puppets were developed throughout production, each including their own choice of facial expressions. In reality, Jack Skellington alone had 400 various expressions to communicate a series of feelings.

10 Disney Desired Jack to Have Eyes

Jack Skellington in The Nightmare Before Christmas

Naturally, the studio was running under the traditional knowledge when it pertains to animated characters and puppets that demand having eyes. After all, eyes are the windows to the soul, right? They assist make animation characters relatable. However Burton was determined that Jack Skellington present with his empty sockets. He won.

9 Henry Selick Provided Jack His Fit

Jack is holding a Christmas present in The Nightmare Before Christmas.
Buena Vista Pictures Circulation

Henry Selick turned the all-black attire initially sketched by Burton into a smooth slim-fit fit. Not just was this a terrific option for what would end up being a renowned vacation character, however it likewise served a practical function: the white pinstripes avoided Jack from vanishing versus the numerous black backgrounds on movie.

8 Vincent Rate Was the Initial voice of Santa Claus

Example Pictures

Vincent Rate was the initial voice of Santa Claus (or “Sandy Claws” as Halloween Town’s homeowners incorrectly call him). Burton admired the scary icon and had the ability to encourage him to tell his 1982 brief, Vincent, about a young kid who imitates the late screen legend. He was later on able to cast him in Edward Scissorhands Unfortunately, Rate’s partner died quickly before his work started on The Headache Before Christmas Selick felt he merely sounded too unfortunate to be Santa and made the challenging option to modify the voice function, commending Edward Ivory.

7 Disney Chose to Launch the Motion Picture by means of Example Movies

Touchstone logo

The Headache Before Christmas wasn’t precisely the type of simple household fare anticipated from Walt Disney Studios when production started in the early ’90s. So Disney launched it through their Example Pictures brand name rather, the label that launched the studio’s very first R-rated movie, Down and Out in Beverly Hills, in 1986. Yet following the movie’s current renewal in appeal, later on rerelease now put the timeless Disney logo design before it.

6 It Was Chosen for an Oscar

The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack dressed up as Santa Claus with a present in his hands.
Buena Vista Pictures Circulation

Upon its release, the movie was commonly applauded amongst critics who applauded its creativity, mix of laughs and terrifies, and sensational visuals. In reality, individuals were so satisfied with how the movie looked that it wound up making an Academy Award election at the 66th yearly event in 1993 for Finest Visual Impacts. What’s much more outstanding is that this was the very first time an animated movie had actually been chosen in this classification.

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Regrettably, The Headache Before Christmas didn’t wind up winning, with Jurassic Park taking home the reward rather. Nevertheless, the movie did get 2 Saturn Awards along with a Golden World election, so it didn’t do too terribly.

5 Patrick Stewart Taped the Opening and Closing Narrative


Patrick Stewart, the silver-voiced, classically trained Shakespearian star best understood all over the world as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in the Star Trek franchise and Teacher Charles Xavier in the X-Men movies, at first worked as storyteller on The Headache Before Christmas The filmmakers had actually visualized longer opening and closing voiceovers. When they chose to pare them down, they had Edward Ivory do them rather. Stewart still appeared on the soundtrack.

4 Oogie Boogie Was Initially Meant to be Dr. Finkelstein in Disguise

OogieBoogie (1)
Example Pictures

Within the movie’s story, the character of Oogie Boogie is a wicked bogeyman consisted of a sack filled with weird crawlies and who wants gaming. Unsurprisingly, he’s the movie’s primary villain and has actually ended up being a preferred amongst fans. Nevertheless, in an early draft of the script, Oogie was exposed to be Dr. Finkelstein, Sally’s self-important mad researcher dad, in camouflage. This would’ve been an unneeded twist, and the movie is all the much better for sufficing.

3 Half the Tunes That Made It Into the Motion Picture Were Demonstration Versions

Jack Skellington observing a snow crystal
Walt Disney Pictures

While the precise stop-motion animation procedure led to a three-year-long shoot, about half of the tunes that wound up in the ended up movie were demo variations. Author Danny Elfman exposed this reality throughout a Q&A at a 2012 Movie and television panel placed on by Signboard and The Hollywood Press Reporter Chris Sarandon from Shock Night and The Princess Bride-to-be voices Jack Skellington, other than when he’s singing.

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Elfman put down demonstration vocals for Jack’s tunes with the concept that another vocalist would ultimately change him, however manufacturers liked his variations a lot they had him do it. Mentioning tunes, throughout the years, Headache Before Christmas tunes have actually been reinterpreted by a wide variety of artists, consisting of Marilyn Manson and Fall Out Young boy.

2 Mickey Mouse Makes a Cameo

The Nightmare Before Christmas

It may not be your common Disney movie, however however, The Headache Before Christmas leans into the reality that it is an item of your home of Mouse by including a cameo by Mickey himself. In the movie, when the kids of the real life are getting presents from Sandy Claws, among the kids can be seen using pajamas with Mickey Mouse’s face on. On the other hand, their brother or sister seems using ones covered in the face of Donald Duck.

1 Jack Skellington Appears in Other Stop-Motion Movies

Jack Skellington cameo in James and the Giant Peach

Blink, and you’ll miss them. Call them cameos, call them Easter Eggs, you can even call among them an actual egg, however the Pumpkin King really shows up in 2 more of Selick’s movies. He remains in the stop-motion/live-action adjustment of James and the Giant Peach as a pirate captain. And his face is concealed in an egg yolk in 2009’s Coraline Jack Skellington has now end up being a Mickey Mouse cameo character in his own right.

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