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15 Many Underrated Serial Killer Motion Pictures on Netflix to Enjoy Today

Ran out of serial killer motion picture suggestions? We got you covered with these underrated Netflix films that are a must-watch.

For many years, the serial killer movie fan base has actually strengthened much more, motivating filmmakers to bring increasingly more macabre and abhorrent criminal offense stories to our screens. Even fans have actually invited such films with open hands and have actually established a sense of fascination with these twisted characters, who do not have compassion and have no control over their actions, leading to numerous harsh criminal offenses. While some serial killers roots originate from their previous distressing experiences or some sort of abuse, others may merely be the outcome of being exposed to a violent environment or hereditary irregularities, however not all these elements are constantly the case or to be blamed due to the fact that some serial killers are difficult to understand– they are simply psychopaths.



In spite of their origin stories and whatever inspirations they need to go on a killing spree, much of us get hooked on these movies that keep us on the edge of our seats, making us curious about the killers’ unforeseeable relocations while likewise making us pity the innocent victims. Although dedicated fans may have currently enjoyed popular films like Psycho, Se7en, Hannibal, and others, we have actually selected some underrated Netflix serial killer films for you so that you do not lack interesting serial killer material.

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15 The Killer (2023 )

Scene in The Murderer

If you’re trying to find something a little various, The Killer is a Thai movie and a dark funny with an appealing plot. It occurs in the middle of the background of a string of murders in a little provincial town. Offered the neighborhood’s nearness, the killings have locals shook. A figured out investigator is quickly on the path of the killer.

A British guy called Earl who is wed to a female called Sai quickly protrudes. As a “farang”, Earl is an immigrant and is seen with suspicion by everybody else in the neighborhood, even amongst his own in-laws. This makes him the prime suspect. With subtle social commentary against racism and xenophobia and a dark comical undertone, The Killer produces a morbidly amusing movie in the middle of its fractious characters and styles.

14 The Punisher (2004 )

The Punisher

The Punisher

Release Date
April 15, 2004

Jonathan Hensleigh

A. Russell Andrews, Omar Avila, James Carpinello, Mark Collie, Russell Durham Comegys, Antoni Corone


Main Category

Sure, he’s usually thought about to be a hero, or at the minimum an anti-hero who’s warranted in his actions given that he just removes bad guys. Nevertheless, make no errorThe Punisher is likewise a terrific performance that advises us that the titillating Marvel character is likewise a serial killing vigilante.

His dark appeal naturally originates from that harsh, anti-hero side that sees him encouraged more by’ penalizing’ the wicked than being a hero. In this 2004 adjustment,Thomas Jane took the helm as the eponymous character, an FBI Representative who turns to a life of violent vigilantism when his whole household is massacred by a criminal activity employer. At the same time, a protector of the weak and innocent is born, however if you’re a bad guy, run and conceal, due to the fact that this superhero does not be reluctant to eliminate.

13 In the Shadow of the Moon (2019)

Coleman scene from In the Shadow of the Moon

A really imaginative and interesting movie, In the Shadow of the Moon starred Boyd Holbrook as a police officer who ends up being consumed with a single case to the point of his whole life falling apart around him. Everything starts in 1988 with a string of strange deaths that have no rational description. Wishing to end up being an investigator, Officer Lockhart starts examining these unusual deaths.

He quickly understands that this is the work of a serial killer, though one that just appears every 9 years, with relatively no rational reason. His fixation with the case starts to consume him, and he unfortunately winds up the only individual persuaded of his wild theory thatthe killer may be time-traveling Nevertheless, it later on emerges that the whole factor and program of the killer has an even more substantial social function than at first fulfills the eye.

12 Prisoners( 2013 )



Release Date(* )September 18, 2013

Denis Villeneuve

Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Viola Davis, Maria Bello, Terrence Howard, Melissa Leo

Main Category

Criminal Activity(* )
A wonderful movie including some heavyweight names side by side,

collaborated Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal. A Denis Villeneuve movie, it likewise included the similarity Viola Davis, Paul Dano, and Terrence Howard, among others. Informing the story of a kid killer on the loose, when 2 daddies have their children abducted, it positions intolerable tensions on their particular households.(* )

When a suspect is jailed, the males at first feel a sense of hope once again. Nevertheless, the cops quickly launch the guy and among the daddies feels pull down by the system and is infuriated even more when he’s teased by the suspect. Choosing to take matters into his own hands, the movie takes Prisoners as it comes to grips with the concern of how far a moms and dad would want to go to safeguard their kid.


The Excellent Nurse( 2022 )an even darker turn Release Date

October 26, 2022 Director

The Good Nurse

The Good Nurse

Tobias Lindholm

Jessica Chastain, Eddie Redmayne, Kim Dickens, Noah Emmerich, Malik Yoba

Main Category

Bio(* )
is most likely a precise story based upon the

, who, in his occupation as a nurse, killed 40 or more clients and has actually admitted about the like well. Throughout his youth, he resided in a harmful environment where he was continuously bullied by his close ones. This specific movie showcases Eddie Redmayne as Cullen, who is hired by the Parkfield Memorial Medical facility due to his skilled nursing background. He rapidly forms a friendly bond with his coworker, Amy (Jessica Chastain ), who experiences cardiomyopathy. All of a sudden, when a lot of client deaths begin happening, Amy and even the investigators grow suspicious of Cullen due to his previous small criminal history.
Although Cullen had a little bit of compassion for his pal Amy and her condition, he revealed no grace while eliminating his own clients. He declares that he did it due to the fact that nobody stopped him. Although the movie has to do with the most troubling killer in case history, what makes it much more terrible is that it raises concerns in audiences ‘minds about the truth of the damaged health care system and prohibited activities that keep occurring in the dark till a stunning case appears.

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The Good Nurse September 11, 2020serial killer named Charles Cullen Director

Antonio Campos

Cast 12 Quintessential Anti-Hero Action Movies

Donald Ray Pollock, Expense Skarsgard, Tom Holland, Michael Banks Repeta, Emilio Subercaseaux Campos, Emilio Subercaseaux Campos Main Category

the devil all the time

The Devil All The Time


Directed by Antonio Campos,
is not simply an excellent serial killer story; it likewise clarifies styles like mental disorder and injury, social pressure, how wicked activities happen in the name of faith, suicides, and the unfavorable effect of sorrow on one’s mind. The movie has a star-studded cast: Expense Skarsgard, Harry Melling, Tom Holland, Robert Pattinson, Riley Keough, Sebastian Stan, Jason Clarke, Eliza Scanlen, and Halley Bennett. The movie manages the stories of different interesting characters, a few of whom are serial killers, a post-World War II household, and an amoral preacher.

Carl and Sandy are killers who have an odd fascination; before eliminating, the previous pictures their victims making love with the latter and usually gets hitchhikers as their target. Somewhere else, Willard experiences PTSD; he eliminated a sergeant throughout The second world war to launch him from his discomfort; and he has a superstitious belief that he might treat his better half Charlotte, who is experiencing cancer, by impressing God with a sacrifice. He likewise has actually a boy called Arvin, who attempts his finest to safeguard his embraced sis Lenora, and other minor women from the lustful eyes of the preacher. The concern stays: Will Arvin stroll on the course of killings, blinded beliefs, and social worry like other twisted characters, or will he stick out?

Solace( 2015 )
Release Date

September 3, 2015 Afonso Poyart(* )Cast(* )Anthony Hopkins, Colin Farrell, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Abbie Cornish

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RankingThe Devil All the Time R

Main Category(* )Drama(* )(* )Starring the famous Anthony Hopkins,

was a serial killer movie with an unique distinction. As Dr. Clancy, Hopkins played a psychic who has actually been living a separated life after the death of his child. Nevertheless, when a buddy, unique representative Merriweather (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) demands his aid to locate a killer, Clancy senses an overarching requirement to assist and unwillingly concurs. When he starts attempting to trace the killer, it quickly emerges that this is no regular examination, and not even if he belongs of it. Noticing the killer (Colin Farrell ), Clancy is shocked to recognize that he’s



Nevertheless, the more frightening part is that he’s really more effective than Clancy is.

The Pale Blue Eye (2022)
Follows a veteran investigator who examines the murders, assisted by a detail-oriented young cadet who will later on end up being a world popular author, Edgar Allan Poe. Starring Christian Bale.

Release Date
January 6, 2023

Scott Cooper

Christian Bale, Lucy Boynton, Harry Melling, Gillian Anderson, Robert Duvall

Ranking Main Category

Criminal Activity Solace

An alcoholic previous investigator called Augustus Landor,also a psychic, is entrusted with examining matters concerning gruesome murders happening back-to-back. He chooses to include world-famous author Edgar Allan Poe (Harry Melling) in this objective to discover the perpetrator. However throughout their examination, they discover

See More –> in stunning information that the serial killer hangs his targets and eliminates their hearts. Eventually, the duo is likewise persuaded that somebody is looking for the help of black magic for their wicked inspiration and needs to discover the genuine reality behind the criminal offenses occurring in the city.

The Pale Blue Eye

The Pale Blue Eye

is based upon a book of the very same name composed by Louis Bayard and is helmed by Scott Cooper. Although the story integrates Poe, it isn’t a genuine story about him, however certainly has numerous

The movie title is likewise influenced by Poe’s popular narrative,” The Telltale Heart.” In the middle of the mystery-thriller nature of the movie, the color scheme sets a best climatic, dark, and gothic ambiance throughout the movie– it’s the sort of serial killer movie that a person would enjoy to view throughout the upcoming scary season.(* )7
The Undetectable Guardian (2017 )(* )Netflix(* )If you’re somebody who likes to find serial killer films from various movie markets that provide interesting yet exhilarating stories, then

The Undetectable Guardian
, which initially passes the name

El guardián undetectable
, is definitely for you. The story has to do with Amaia Salazar (Marta Etura), a Policía Foral inspector and

who goes back to her home town of Baztan for an examination into the murder case of a young teenager called Ainhoa Elizasu. The body was discovered naked in the woods with a cake put on it. When Amaia and her hubby James( Benn Northover) transfer to their home town, they likewise fulfill their relative, a few of whom welcome her well, however her own blood sis Plants (Elvira Minguez) appears to dislike her and has actually likewise parted methods with her hubby Victor.
Throughout their examination, they link the dots with the happenings of the previous homicidal occasions and learn about an individual called El Basajaún, likewise called the Lord of the Woods. However the concern stays: is he the genuine killer Amaia is trying to find, or is it somebody in her close circle? The movie is an amalgamation of plot twists, intriguing characters, dark climatic visuals, and drama surrounding household and criminal offense.

The Forest of Love( 2019)

Netflix have actually made around the world acknowledgment, specifically in the scary category, due to their interesting method of storytelling that concentrates on looks and complicated characters while likewise integrating awful ghosts and serial killer-like components in their films. From the fantastic minds of Japanese filmmaker Sion Sono,

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The Forest of Loveplayed by Christian Bale has to do with Joe Murata( Kippei Shiina), who declares to be a film writer however is a conman in camouflage. He begins dealing with 3 young, gifted filmmakers who wish to make films checking out criminal habits.

The Pale Blue Eye However Joe isn’t simply a scam artist; he has some ominous intentions in shop for the children, and throughout the movie, he frauds them in the name of popularity. Quickly, the characters are caught in a world of adjustments, suicides, dreadful murders, and the maniacal habits of the bad guy, Murata. The movie is certainly influenced by the Japanese serial killer Futoshi Matsunaga, who was sentenced to death for murder and murder throughout the mid-1990s.references from his famous works Related:(* )5

Very Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile (2019) Release Date

The Invisible Guardian
Might 2, 2019

Director Joe Berlinger Cast Zac Efron, Lily Collins, Kaya Scodelario, Haley Joel Osment, Jim Parsons, John Malkovich Rankingformer FBI agent R

Main Category


Still from Netflix Japanese movie The Forest of Love (2019)
A fantastic chronicle on the life and times of well-known serial killer Ted Bundy,

starred Zac Efron as Bundy. In a frighteningly sensible representation, it wasn’t how frightening Efron appeared as Bundy, howevermovies from Japan as him rather. This was naturally Bundy’s method and how he frequently got to his victims given that he was understood to be attractive, smooth-talking, smart, and by all accounts, an infectiously lovely individual. Informed through the viewpoint of his sweetheart who, for a very long time, declined to think the reality about him, the movie likewise caught simply how great he was at developing reality as he saw it. Bundy was naturally popular for protecting himself at trial, catching the attention of the general public, and never ever as soon as admitting. He took this obstinate line of feigned innocence the majority of his life, and the movie does a fantastic task of demonstrating how dirty it made his innocence or regret appear to those who just understood him as the hero.

416 Best Serial Killer Films to Watch on Netflix

The Tradition of the Bones (2019) Netflix(* )The Tradition of the Bones

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile

works as the follow up to T
he Undetectable Guardian

pointed out above, and it’s likewise the 2nd part of the unique composed by Dolores Redondo. After discovering the serial killer who killed girls, a pregnant Amaia Salazar goes back to examine the suicides taking place in the Baztán Valley, and she believes it has a comparable connection to the previous case she resolved.(* )Together with checking out the examination, she likewise needed to handle her mom, Rosario, who is psychologically ill and is now after her newborn. The previous criminal case and current murders make her concern the household she was raised in. Comparable to
The Undetectable Guardian

, this movie offers you an extreme story filled with thriller and unforgettable characters that will keep you invested throughout.
3(* )Holy Spider (2022)

Alamode Movies/ Electronic Camera Movie
A fantastic movie that was gone into for the Palm d’Or reward at the 2022 Cannes Movie Celebration,

Holy Spider (* )is an extreme tale of spiritual extremism through the lens of a serial killer. The movie’s lead, Zar Amir Ebrahimi, was remarkable in it and won the very best Starlet Award at the celebration. She played an Iranian reporter who takes a trip from Tehran to the holy city of Mashad to examine a variety of murders.
There’s a guaranteed pattern to each death given that they all include Iranian sex employees. Her examination takes her to the seedy underbelly and corrupt inner operations of the city. It’s quickly clear that the killer called the’ Holy Spider’ thinks he is doing God’s work by cleaning the location of sinners. As things unfold, the disaster is that offered the area’s dominant cultural and fundamentalist religions, many people, and even the cops, support his deeds.

, this one produces a traumatic journey into the spiritual politics of how and why one guy can be a killer to some and a hero to others. The Chase( 2017)

Netflix(* )’ appeal is at its peak presently, and they have actually established a worldwide fanbase, too. Numerous outstanding criminal offense films have actually come out of the Korean market with numerous styles targeted towards contemporary society, andExtremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile The Chasehow ordinary and charming he was (2017) is one such interesting criminal offense thriller movie that offers a common serial killer motion picture a twisted turn and has some diverse characters.

The movie follows Shim Deok-soo( Baek Yoon-sik ), an irritated and unempathetic proprietor who is abhored by his occupants and leaves no chance to knock on their doors for lease cash. All of a sudden, one day, the cops remove the dead bodies of 2 of his occupants; one is a regional intoxicated and the other is a lonesome pensioner. The murder appears to have actually been linked to previous criminal offenses dedicated by a serial killer thirty years back. Numerous killings begin happening in the community. The now-innocent Deok-soo is blamed for the death of a veteran policeman, however he and previous investigator Park Pyung-Dal( Sung Dong-il )collaborate to locate the genuine shrewd serial killer.

1 The Call( 2020)

The Legacy Of The Bones
Netflix (* )Directed by Lee Chung-hyun,

The Call is based upon a British and Puerto Rican supernatural scary movie called The Caller(* ), directed by Sergio Casci. The story occurs in 2019 when Kim Seo-yeon (Park Shin-hye) is taking a trip to see her mom, who is ill, and loses her phone throughout the journey. She comes to her mama’s location and encounters an old cordless phone, through which she gets a call. The female, Oh Young-sook( Jeon Jong-seo), on the other side of the call, declares that she is being abused by her own mom. She likewise familiarizes that Young-sook lived in the past, around thirty years back in the very same home. The old phone is the only string to link the 2 various times and to exchange info. However Seo-yoon has no concept what she has actually gotten herself into; her fate modifications when Young-sook utilizes her for her individual gains. The 2020 movie includes secret, time travel, scary, thriller, and violence components to the general story, making it an overall work of art. Initially, one may feel the 2 leading females are simply attempting to assist each other out till the ominous strategy begins to unfold.

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