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13 Movies That Are Embed In Harvard University

Movies have actually not avoided exposing Harvard’s influence on the world, both for excellent and for ill.


  • The movies set at Harvard University typically check out styles of social exclusivity, competitors, and the effect of the school on impoverished people.
  • The Social media network portrays the production of Facebook and the impact of Harvard’s social hierarchies on its advancement, while likewise highlighting the individual sacrifices made by its creator.
  • Movies like Lawfully Blonde and How High offer comical handles Harvard life, challenging stereotypes and showcasing the varied series of stories that can be set at the prominent university.

Harvard University is the earliest college in America; in reality, it is older than the United States itself, as it was established in 1636. Found in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the school is thought about not just one of the very best in the nation however in the whole world. It has a good deal of pedigree behind it, and a number of popular movies have found their premise in Harvard University, a lot so that it nearly forms its own sub-genre.

The university has actually been of interest to filmmakers considering that the days of the quiet age. The status connected with the school includes inspiring fodder to rags-to-riches stories, leading to inspirational dramas. These stories are generally obtained from memoirs or are based upon real-life stories, as there are numerous examples of theuniversity’s impact on the underprivileged Nevertheless, movies have actually not avoided exposing Harvard’s dark side that arises from its social exclusivity and cut-throat competitors. From scholarships to social clubs to sports, here are some movies that offer a peek inside the Harvard life.

Update January 5, 2024: Thinking about using to Harvard? Or a less expensive option, maybe like enjoying a motion picture set at Harvard? This post has actually been upgraded with much more titles worth taking a look at that occur at the university and where each title is streaming.

The Social Media (2010 )

The Social Network

The Social Network

Release Date

October 1, 2010.


David Fincher


Jesse Eisenberg

,Rooney Mara

, Bryan Barter.

, Dustin Fitzsimons.

,Armie Hammer

, Joseph Mazzello



Main Category


The Social Network goes behind the real-life occasions that caused the development of Facebook. According to the movie, the social hierarchies inside Harvard University affected the intention behind the social networking site. Jesse Eisenberg plays Mark Zuckerberg, who produces a school site that permits users to rate females by their beauty. 3 trainees approached him with a chance to deal with a social networking website for Harvard trainees. This ultimately causes Facebook, and the movie narrates how Zuckerberg jeopardizes his individual relationships to turn into one of the most affluent individuals alive.

The shooting occurred on the school of Wheelock College, to look like Harvard University. The movie was based upon the book The Accidental Billionaires by Ben Mezrich, who sought advice from Facebook co-founder Edward Savarin while composing the book. The movie includes Savarin’s point of view andmildly antagonizes Zuckerberg in a wealthy-fallen-hero narrative Stream on Paramount+

Lawfully Blonde (2001 )

Legally Blonde movie poster

Lawfully Blonde.

Release Date

July 13, 2001.


Robert Luketic


96 Minutes.

In Legally Blonde, sorority preferred Elle Woods, played by Reese Witherspoon, gets disposed by her partner, a hopeful Harvard Law trainee. She enters Harvard Law to show she is wise enough for his enthusiastic profession. Woods integrates her style retailing expertise with law and masters her brand-new experience. The movie provides a fresh point of view to the blonde stereotype, formerly identified as intellectually prevented and fashion-obsessed in movies like Unaware

Legally Blonde embraces the stereotype while buffooning the supremacy complex of Harvard trainees. The movie was based upon the book of the exact same name by Amanda Brown, who was influenced by her time at Sandford Law School while being a style lover. The movie has actually influenced a number of females to pursue law even when it overdoes it with Elle’s eligibility to end up being an attorney. Stream on Prime Video


Legally Blonde: How to Elle Woods Your Way Through Life

Lawfully Blonde has motivating lessons for life. How can we take motivation from this film and “Elle Woods” our method through life?

Harvard, Here I Come (1941 )

Harvard, Here I Come-1
Harvard, Here I Come

Harvard, Here I Come is another movie that spoofs theexclusivity maintained by Harvard students This funny movie was launched in 1941 and inspects The Harvard Lampoon, the real-life university’s long-running humor publication. The story focuses on a bar owner embarrassed by the publication’s editor. He chooses to enlist in the university to redeem himself.

The university has made tremendous contributions to funny and movies through The Harvard Lampoon. The publication was established in 1876 by 7 trainees, making it the 3rd longest-running released humor publication after the Swedish Blandaren and the Swiss Nebelspalter Its alums consist of Conan O’Brien and the brains behind The Workplace United States, such as B.J Novak, Greg Daniels, and Michael Schur. Not offered to stream.

The Paper Chase (1973 )

The Paper Chase
20th Century Fox

The Paper Chase was launched in 1973 and stars Timothy Bottoms as James Hart, a first-year law trainee at Harvard. After a rocky start, Hart settles in amongst his peers at the university. The movie reveals his experience with his temperamental contract law instructor, Teacher Charles Kingsfield, and his study hall, consisting of eccentric characters. Hart likewise starts a relationship with Kingsfield’s child, complicating his time at the university.

The seriously well-known movie was directed by James Bridges and was based upon the book of the exact same name by John Jay Osborn. Star John Houseman won an Academy Award for Finest Supporting Star for hisperformance as the shrewd professor His effective efficiency has actually caused a number of speculations about the identity of the real-life teacher. The late Harvard Law teacher Clark Byse is thought to have actually influenced the character’s position at Harvard Law School. Nevertheless, according to Houseman, the personality type of the teacher were influenced by Teacher Edward Warren, who was understood for extreme mentor approaches. Lease on Apple Television+

How High (2001 )

How High

How High

Release Date

December 21, 2001.


Jesse Dylan.


Method Man


, Obba Babatundé.

,Mike Epps

, Anna Maria Horsford.

, Fred Willard





Quickly the funniest film set at Harvard. How High centers on 2 cannabis-smoking buddies, played by Redman and Approach Male, after mistakenly smoking the ashes of their dead buddy whose ghost assists them get best ratings on their college entryway tests, which leads to them looking for Harvard. It is an easy facility, and plainly, the joke has to do with putting 2 potheads in a setting as prominent and elitist as Harvard and letting the jokes run, and young boy, do they choose the facility.

How High is an excellent example of the go-for-broke high (pun planned) idea of the early 2000s. While disliked by critics at the time of its release, the film has actually ended up being a cult timeless and is thought about among thebest movies about Majuranna It now can be thought about among the very best films about Harvard. There is likewise a meta-commentary about the image the school want to offer. Stories as varied and severe as The Social Media or as romantic as Romance can likewise occur in the exact same school that How High is. Stream on Starz.

A Little Circle of Pals (1980 )

A Small Circle of Friends
United Artists

Embed in the late 1960s, A Little Circle of Pals concentrates on the radicalization of the trainees of Harvard University throughout the time. It informs the story of 3 first-year trainees – Leo, Nick, and Jessica and the love triangle that establishes within their group as they likewise gradually begin to end up being radicalized with the remainder of the remainder of the scholastic circle.

The movie represents a time that was quite unsteady and distressed while likewise keeping concentrate on the made complex sensations establishing in between the 3 young main characters. It reveals the university in a various light than what we are utilized to and likewise sets it with the historic turning points of the time to demonstrate how world politics affected the trainees of Harvard. Not Streaming.

Prozac Country (2001 )

Prozac Nation
New World Photo

Prozac Country is based upon the narrative of the exact same name by Elizabeth Wurtzel, detailing her experience with depression and dependence on the anti-depressant Prozac she was recommended. The movie stars Christina Ricci as Elizabeth, a late-teen who accepts a scholarship in journalism from Harvard.

She has a rough relationship with her separated moms and dads and has a hard time to browse her very first year at the University as the effects of addiction, self-harm, and sex dissociate her from herself. The mental drama was directed by Erik Skjoldbjærg., and was praised for its practical representation of anxiety and the impact of anti-depressants. Lease on Apple Television+.

With Honors (1994 )

With Honors
Warner Bros

The 1994 movie With Honors stars Brendan Fraser in the function of Monty Kessler, who is a Federal government significant at Harvard University. Monty loses his senior thesis, which is recovered by a homeless guy called Simon, played by Joe Pesci. After some legal battle, the 2 cut a deal and choose that for each job that Monty finishes for Simon, he will offer the trainee one page of the thesis. Monty, together with his housemates, all gradually begin to like Simon and his relationship with Simon advises Monty to take a look at bad individuals in a kinder, more humanitarian light.

The bittersweet movie is amusing, informative, and heartbreaking at one time. It focuses a lot on how Monty modifications his thesis, which saw people in public help in a really unfavorable light, into a more favorable one, regardless of being scolded by his coach. Due to his brand-new outlook on life, Monty likewise ends up being more considerate of other individuals’s battles and discovers a light within himself with the aid of Simon. The movie likewise reveals us a look of the more typical little bits of university life, such as coping with trainees from various backgrounds, celebrations, and a relationship that blooms into love. Stream on Kanopy and Roku

Soul Male (1986 )

Soul Man
C. Thomas Howell

The extremely questionable movie Soul Male has another Harvard candidate as its lead character. The movie was directed by Steve Miner and starred C. Thomas Howell as Mark Watson, a boy who wants to study at Harvard however can not pay for the charges himself. He chooses to use as a black trainee to get approved for a scholarship. The issues begin when he is accepted and alters his hair, skin, and speech tofit in as an African-American student His ploy works, however he deals with bigotry, making him comprehend the predicament of African Americans for the very first time.

Needless to state, the movie was fulfilled with a lot of controversy as the portrayal of the character was compared to blackface by the African-American neighborhood. The makers of the movie compared it to Tootsie, where a male cross-dresses as a lady to advance in his profession. Nonetheless, the movie earned $35 million, over a budget plan of $4.5 million, making it a dissentious movie of the ’80s. Lease on Apple Television+

Romance (1970 )

love story

Love Story

Release Date

December 16, 1970.


Arthur Hiller.


Ali MacGraw.

, Ryan O’Neal.

, John Marley.

, Ray Milland.

, Russell Nype.

, Katharine Balfour.



Main Category


Love Story is an adjustment of the timeless book of the exact same name composed by Erich Segal and is among the highest-grossing movies of perpetuity. The movie stars Ryan O’Neal as Oliver Barrett, a rich Harvard law trainee who falls for a music trainee from Radcliffe College, Jenny, played by Ali MacGraw. The 2 originated from various financial backgrounds, leading to really various goals. Oliver’s daddy the relationship and cuts him off economically, declining to spend for Harvard. The couple weds after graduation, and the story follows their troubled married life after Jenny becomes terminally ill.

The movie has actually gotten cult status in time, and the Crimson Secret Society of Harvard holds screenings throughout the orientation of inbound batches. Sadly, the shooting of the movie within the school caused the damage of a number of trees, likewise triggered by the shooting of A Little Circle of Pals For that reason, no ask for recording on place has actually been accepted ever since. Stream it on Fubo

Brown of Harvard (1926 )

Brown of Harvard

Brown of Harvard developed the interest of filmmakers in the university since the early silent days of cinem a. The movie is an adjustment of the play of the exact same name by Rida Johnson Young and was made thrice in between 1911 and 1926. The story focuses on a Harvard trainee called Tom Brown, and each movie follows a various athletic experience that Brown takes part in while managing his romantic life.

The very first movie was launched in 1911 and was directed by Colin Campbell. Harry Beamount directed the 2nd movie, launched in 1918, and Tom Moore played Brown. James Conway directed the 3rd movie in 1926, the most widely known of the 3, launched by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, which had actually just finished 2 years at the time. The movies reveal Harvard’s thriving athletic spirit and the fierce competition in sports supremacy in between the Ivy League colleges. Not offered to stream.

The Terrific Debaters (2007 )

the great debaters

the great debaters

Release Date

December 27, 2007.



Main Category


The Great Debaters is a motivating movie directed by star Denzel Washington. The movie is based upon the real-life event when an argument group from a mainly black college beat an Ivy League college in the 1930s. In the movie, Washington plays poet and teacher Melvin B. Tolson, who teaches at Wiley College. He formed an argument group, which was brand-new to the college then. Ultimately, the group completes in Harvard’s dispute competitors and ends up being the very first black dispute group to challenge Harvard’s popular debaters.

In reality, the group beat the then-champions of the University of Southern California. Nevertheless, they were formally not enabled to be called champs, as black individuals were not enabled subscription indebate societies until after World War II The movie was chosen for Finest Photo at the Golden Globes Awards for clarifying this historic minute for the black neighborhood. Lease on AppleTV+.


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Homeless to Harvard: The Lizz Murray Story

Homeless to Harvard_ The Liz Murray Story
Warner Bros. Home Home Entertainment

Homeless to Harvard: The Lizz Murray Story is another real-life story that demonstrates howHarvard can change one’s life Thora Birch plays Liz Murray, a teen who ends up being homeless at 15 owing to her household’s drug dependency. Challenging situations require her to work to finish high school while residing on the streets. Her life turns upside down when she gets a scholarship to study at Harvard University through an essay contest by The New York City Times

The tv movie was directed by Peter Levin and got a number of Primetime Emmy Award elections. The real-life Liz Murray made a short cameo look in the movie as a social employee. Today, she is a very popular author, co-founder of a youth-mentoring company, and has actually gotten a number of awards, consisting of the White Home Task’s Good example Award. Stream it on DirecTV

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