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10 “Riordan Presents” Books that Are Worthy Of an On-Screen Adjustment

Rick Riordan has actually dealt with a variety of authors to craft special stories. Here are 10 of these Riordan Provides Books that are worthy of adjustments

Rick Riordan concerned spotlight in 2005 with the release of his extremely effective series of middle-grade books, Percy Jackson & & the Olympians. The series’ appeal generated the follows up Heroes of Olympus and Trials of Apollo, the Norse folklore spin-off Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, and the (mostly) standalone Egyptian mythology adventure series Kane Chronicles. With the current recognition gathered by Disney+’s adjustment of the books, fans are questioning what follows. Nevertheless, while numerous are concentrated on the author’s own books, numerous have actually likewise neglected the great “Riordan Presents” imprint in their speculations.

Walker Scobell as Percy Jackson, holding a blade into the sand while massive waves rise around him in a poster for Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Percy Jackson & the Olympians

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December 20, 2023.


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, Leah Jeffries.

, Aryan Simhadri.

,Jason Mantzoukas

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Riordan Provides is an imprint of Disney-Hyperion publishing that concentrates on offering appealing middle-grade authors the opportunity to inform mythological stories from their own cultural backgrounds. Established in 2017, the imprint has actually released almost 50 books, and with more en route, there is plenty for brand-new readers to sink their teeth into. With numerous admiring Disney+’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians as the best adjustment, now is the correct time to mine this remarkable imprint for future series. The following 10 series are a few of the most popular entries in the Riordan Provides line, and they all have amazing capacity for a series adjustment.

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The Storm Runner by J.C. Cervantes

Author J.C. Cervantes’ contribution to Riordan Presents, The Storm Runner series, and its follow up, The Shadow Bruja, presents Mayan and Aztec folklores into the contemporary world. Zane Obispo, a thirteen-year-old with a serious limp, invests his days checking out the inactive volcano in his New Mexico yard with his pet Rosie. His life modifications when he satisfies Brooks, a brand-new transfer trainee, who informs him that he is the boy of the Mayan developer god, Hurakan. Zane is predestined to launch the god of death from his jail, however with a war waging amongst the gods, can Zane really intend to conserve the world?

The Storm Runner Series Might Bring Adventures Bountiful to Its Younger Audience

Cervantes supplies readers with a fresh spin on Mayan and Aztec folklore, and there are lots of enjoys delight readers from the really first page. Zane is a great lead, and the special needs representation is revitalizing. A live-action adjustment of this series would be tough to manage, with its high strength action, hectic storytelling, and explosive wonderful results possibly feeling hurried. Nevertheless, it would be a terrific method for Disney to bring their superhero-storytelling proficiency, developed with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, to a more youthful audience while assisting communicate the greater stakes and effective thematic undercurrents of this sensational series.

The Thousand Worlds by Yoon Ha Lee

Yoon Ha Lee provides readers with an interstellar impressive instilled with Korean folklore in her Riordan Provides series The Thousand Worlds. The series centers on Kim Minutes, a young fox spirit from the world Jinju who leaves her home after knowing of her bro’s disappearance in the very first book, Dragon Pearl Kim Jun was a cadet for the Area Force, and the authorities think that he deserted his post to enter search of the mystical dragon pearl. Utilizing her magical shapeshifting capabilities, Minutes disguises herself as a departed Area Force cadet and infiltrates the Pale Lightning, her bro’s last post, to examine his disappearance.

The Huge Universe Provided in The Thousands Worlds is Ripe for Adjustment

While numerous Riordan Provides books fall under the metropolitan dream subgenre, Lee’s series feels entirely special as the imprint’s very first science fiction. It remarkably mixes its dream and science-fiction components, and Lee’s capability to immerse readers into this world is amazing. There is a lot capacity in The Thousand Worlds series for an adjustment. With a lot of brand-new worlds to check out and brand-new wonderful animals to fulfill, however, fans would be hooked from the start. Its more fully grown styles, such as death and bias, would likewise be a welcome addition that would attract a broader audience than the middle grade label would indicate.

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Hooligan Saints by Daniel Jose Older

Years before the start of Ballad and Dagger, the very first book in Daniel Jose Older’s Hooligan Saints duology, the island of San Madrigal sank below the waves, requiring its citizens to discover a brand-new sanctuary. 15 years later on, piano prodigy Mateo Matisse imagines getting the attention of Gerval, his musical hero, and the yearly Grand Fete event might simply be his opportunity. Nevertheless, while going to the celebration, the wicked force that sank San Madrigal returns, and a harsh murder shakes Mateo’s world. Thrust into an ancient fight, Mateo needs to accompany Chela Hidalgo and master his newly found capabilities to find the fact behind San Madrigal’s terrible fate.

Hooligan Saints’ Older Target Market Might Permit More Fully Grown Storytelling

The Hooligan Saints series is special since it is officially listed for a young adult audience The much heavier romantic undertones might assist a prospective series stick out from others on Disney+, and the more major storytelling would permit filmmakers to have fun with the styles and cultural components. Santeria is hardly ever represented in contemporary media, however its addition in the grand mythos produced for Riordan Presents is informing. Likewise, the concentrate on music within the series would provide developers the opportunity to lean on some popular and timeless hits, bringing the series some life and energy in the middle of the wonderful melees.

Race to the Sun by Rebecca Roanhorse

Nizhoni AIming a Bow while riding on a Giant Crow in the Cover for Race to the Sun

Well-known dream author Rebecca Roanhorse handles the marvels and scaries of Navajo custom in her standalone book, Race to the Sun. Nizhoni Begay can notice beasts, and while she is specific her daddy’s brand-new employer, Mr. Charles, is among the worst, her daddy does not think her. That is, up until Mr. Charles abducts him, requiring Nizhoni, her bro Mac, and their buddy Davery to go through an unsafe rescue objective. Under direction from her packed toad, the trio triggered on a journey to your house of the Sun, where the Navajo Holy Individuals will supply them with the weapons they require to conserve her daddy. If they initially endure their trials, obviously.

Race to the Sun’s Hectic Experience Supplies New Viewpoint on Navajo Legends

Race to the Sun is among the most interesting entries inthe Riordan Presents line It shines a light on Native American customs that regretfully go neglected in the western world, and it produces a credible world of wonderful entities and loveable leads that exists side-by-side completely along with our own. Roanhorse covers a great deal of ground in this standalone story, which does result in some small pacing problems that a series might correct. By developing on the interesting action, diverse characters, and thick expedition of the Hero Twins’ misconception, Disney might be taking a look at their next sleeper hit.

City of the Plague God by Sarwat Chadda

Sarwat Chadda brings the gods of Mesopotamia to the streets of Manhattan in City of the Plague God. Sik Aziz desires absolutely nothing more than to live a typical life, however unbeknownst to him, he holds the trick to immortality. This secret draws the attention of the Mesopotamian god of the plagues, Nergal, requiring Sik to set out on an experience to discover the Flower of Immortality and stop the ancient evil from ruining his home. Joining him on his journey is Belet, a mystical girl and child of Ishtar, along with the well known ancient hero Gilgamesh, who has actually turned away from his warrior past to end up being a garden enthusiast.

City of the Plague God Brings Genuine Concerns to Light

City of the Plague God is among the more human tales of folklore on this list, requiring its result in not just experience the demonic forces of Nergal, however the real bias dealt with by the Muslim neighborhood. It’s a more fully grown story for this factor, and while it has all the kid-friendly components we anticipate, it never ever as soon as speaks down to its reader. Its smartly composed plot likewise echoes much of the battles of the COVID-19 pandemic, making it really prompt upon its release in 2021. An adjustment might lean into this more fully grown, thematic environment, informing an available story about race and battle set on the background of remarkable fights with satanic forces.

Paola Santiago by Tehlor Kay Mejia

Mexican folklore functions as the basis for Tehlor Kay Mejia’s Paola Santiago series. The very first book in the series, Paola Santiago and the River of Tears, follows a young, hopeful astrologist called Paola Santiago as she is required to reserve reasoning and get in the world of problems. For her entire life, Paola’s mom has actually informed her to keep away from the Gila River in worry of the spirit referred to as La Llorona. Defying her mom’s dreams, Paola welcomes her pals to a remote area near the river to check her brand-new telescope, however when one never ever shows up, Paola needs to accept that her mom’s stories might hold true as she looks for a method to conserve her buddy.

Paola Santiago Makes Scary Accessible to a Younger Audience

The Paola Santiago series has all the middle-grade-friendly horror of popular series like Goosebumps, bringing all the thriller and creepiness of the category to a more youthful audience in a much more available bundle. It’s an awesome series, and making use of figures from Mexican folklore is an extraordinary addition that brings brand-new attention to its creepiest beasts through Paola’s 3 journeys to the world of problems. More significantly, it is a terrific coming-of-age story, with Paola battling with the normal obstacles of maturing and the contrasting, intricate feelings therein, making this an extremely remarkable mythological trip.

The Talented Clans by Graci Kim

Riley Oh is the main character of Graci Kim’s Korean mythology-infused The Talented Clans series. Riley’s household comes from the Gom clan, an ancient line of recovery witches, and her sibling Hattie is prepared to take her initiation test to end up being a complete member. Riley desires absolutely nothing more than to join her, however she was born a saram, somebody without magic. Before her test, however, Hattie has a concept, and through research study, the set finds a spell that might let Riley share her sibling’s magic. Nevertheless, casting the spell breaks the guidelines of the Godrealm, and in order to conserve her sibling’s life, Riley needs to trigger on an experience to find who she really is.

The Talented Clans’ Mix of the Human and Fantastical Makes it a Needs To for Adjustment

Like much of the stories on this list, The Talented Clans is an extraordinary coming-of-age tale, however its special concentrate on various obstacles such as adoption and sisterhood makes it a must-read addition to the Riordan Provides line. It is a fantastic take on Korean folklore, and while it shares a connection with Dragon Pearl, the more grounded metropolitan dream of the story sets this story of gods and beasts apart from its interstellar cousin. A lot of the story, from the fantastical gods to the thrilling wonderful fights, would be a reward in a live-action adjustment, and with such an intimate concentrate on Korean misconceptions and human problems, it would be an ensured hit.

The Cursed Carnival and Other Catastrophes

A Person entering a Big Top Tent in the Cover for The Cursed Carnival and Other Calamities

Readers’ preferred heroes return in The Cursed Carnival and Other Catastrophes: New Stories of Mythic Heroes. This narrative collection includes 10 tales from Riordan Provides’ most precious authors, reestablishing fans to Aru Shah, Kim Minutes, Sik Aziz, Nizhoni Begay, and numerous others in brand-new and traumatic experiences. The collection likewise includes a story straight from Riordan himself, though this includes a new hero motivated by Irish folklore. Take a legendary journey through time and the multiverse as these precious heroes face a few of their biggest obstacles yet in this interesting anthology series.

The Cursed Carnival and Other Catastrophes Would Permit Quick Looks Into Several Cultures

The Cursed Carnival and Other Catastrophes does not make this list for any specific story however for its design of storytelling. The anthology’s focus permits a variety of fast looks at various folklores, presenting readers to brand-new corners of the world without frustrating them with thick tradition or comprehensive world-building. None of the stories in this collection requirement to be adjusted straight (though they are all outstanding), and doing so might be puzzling for those unaccustomed to the other stories in this imprint. With that stated, a series of brand-new stories presenting these folklores to a more youthful audience might result in huge success.

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Tristan Strong by Kwame Mbalia

Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky is the very first book of the Tristan Strong series by Kwame Mbalia, and it combines West African folklore with African-American folktales. Tristan Strong is recuperating after the terrible loss of his buddy, however while he invests the summertime with his grandparents, a mystical animal efforts to take his buddy’s journal of stories. Attempting to stop it, Tristan inadvertently punches open a hole to the Midpass, where brand-new and ancient gods fight odd iron beasts. In order to close the rift, Tristan needs to team with John Henry and Brer Bunny to find the missing out on god Anansi and persuade the trickster to assist.

Tristan Strong’s Important Mythological Focus Is the Perfect Dish for an Adjustment

Among the most motivating components of the Tristan Strong series is that it is an ode to storytelling. Tristan’s powers originate from his stories, and he can actually alter the world with his words. This results in some amazing thematic connections, however it likewise attends to some remarkable capacity as an adjusted series. The mind-bending visuals explained in the book might be tough to adjust, however it would be an awesome experiment for filmmakers. It is likewise special in its mix of folktales and conventional folklore, tracking the history of the African individuals through the stories that they informed, which in itself makes it an essential narrative best for adjustment.

The Pandava Quintet by Roshani Chokshi

Beginning with Aru Shah and completion of Time, the Pandava Quintet by Roshani Chokshi is a deep dive into the huge universe of Hindu folklore. The story follows Aru Shah, the young child of a museum manager. After awakening the time-freezing Sleeper, she finds that she is the reincarnation of among the 5 Pandava bros of the Mahabharata, which she and her soul brother or sisters are implied to stop the Sleeper Together with the germophobic Mini, Aru needs to take a trip into the Kingdom of Death in order to discover her Celestial Weapon, recuperate the missing out on horses of the gods, and stop the Sleeper from awakening the Lord of Damage. No pressure.

Aru Shah’s Impressive Adventures in the Pandava Quintet Completely Be Worthy Of an Adjustment

The Pandava Quintet is among the very best additions to the Riordan Provides line, and its intimate concentrate on Hindu folklore makes the world’s faith more available. The Mahabharata is among the most crucial in Hinduism, and its interesting magical fights and grand mythological stakes echo a few of the best superhero stories. Nevertheless, the misconception is mostly unidentified to Western audiences, however Chokshi’s book does a terrific task presenting it to an entire brand-new generation. While the series might not be for every single reader, the general impressive quality of the Pandava Quintet and its action-packed experience would be best for an adjustment.

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