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10 Many Rewatchable Chinese Dramas, Ranked

You’re going to wish to see these Chinese dramas several times.

There’s something addictive about East Asian dramas, whether they’re Korean dramas playing on the familiar tropes of the area or Japanese dramas that go through all the movements throughout 8, small episodes. These dramas have actually a lot loaded into them, and everybody has their preferred ones and lists of what are and aren’t renowned. When one referrals dramas from the Chinese mainland, in Mandarin, the epic historical wuxias that crossover over into the film world typically enter your mind, in addition to the excessive production worth that makes it appear like it’s entirely out of this world in regards to quality– which typically fits the heavenly setting.



Chinese dramas usually run longer than their Japanese and Korean equivalents, typically extending their stories throughout as much as 50 episodes, in some cases more in rarer cases. In the fantasy and wuxia genres, an impressive journey is bestowed upon the lead characters, and the longer running time enables them the possibility to really check out the world. In other cases, the plot really takes its time, enabling audiences to sit with the characters and really be familiar with them. We believe these 10 Chinese dramas are extremely rewatchable, so whether you saw them or not, there’s constantly another possibility to see them!

10 Love O2O (2016 )

Man and woman sit on lawn together
Gcoo Home Entertainment

Although Love O2O has considering that been banned in China due to a scandal with lead starlet Zheng Shuang, it still stays rather the amusing drama. She represents Bei Weiwei, a computer technology trainee with an enthusiasm for video gaming. When she weds a brand-new beau in the online world of her video game, she recognizes he’s really a senior at her college (Yang Yang). When they satisfy in reality, stimulates fly.

Why It’s Rewatchable

Love O2O blends together the world of video games and the lives of college student in a manner that works truly well for its plot. Both leads likewise have a fair bit of chemistry and look great together on-camera, so fans of love would delight in reviewing the advancement of their relationship throughout the series.

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9 You Are My Splendor (2021 )

You Are My Glory
Tencent Pictures

Yang Yang and Dilraba Dilmurat star in the 2021 series You Are My Splendor, which is based upon a book of the exact same name. The series has to do with 2 previous high school schoolmates who, after the lady asked the kid out, drift apart when going their different methods life. However years later on, when she’s a well-known design and starlet and him an engineer, she recognizes she always remembered him after all these years. When she seeks him out, their story may alter this time.

Why It’s Rewatchable

There’s a fair bit of pressing and pulling when it pertains to You Are My Splendor, as the primary characters discover themselves going back to each other after all these years and duplicating the exact same cycles they had when they were youths. With the intro of brand-new drama, there’s something brand-new to reveal and keep in mind with each watch of the program, making it ideal to binge-watch for a 2nd time.

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8 Word of Honor (2021 )

Word of Honor

Fans of shows like The Untamed will like Word of Honor, which is based upon a danmei unique. When the leader of a group of assassins breaks off in order to discover what the significance of flexibility and the world around him indicates, he crosses courses with Wen Kexing. They find they’re soulmates, and as they start a journey together, there’s a fair bit to find out about the world and individuals around them, specifically when there’s treasure now included.

Why It’s Rewatchable

Throughout 36 episodes, Word of Honor has something for everybody consisted of within the story and action. While the program crosses over categories and has a fair bit of ground to cover every episode, there’s likewise a lot going on. One certainly may miss out on a couple of things, calling for a 2nd run through the series to gloss over all the finer points.

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7 Legend of Fuyao (2019 )

Legend of Fuyao
Tencent Penguin Pictures

Launched in 2019, Legend of Fuyao starred Yang Mi and Ethan Juan in the lead functions. A historic series that’s embeded in the 5 Kingdoms, the lead character, Fuyao (Yang Mi), is developed from a lotus. Viewed as an orphan, she is embraced and works as a servant for the elite, however when something significant occurs, she’s required to go on a journey to discover artifacts that may entirely alter her life by raising menstruation on her.

Why It’s Rewatchable

There’s a fair bit to unload when it pertains to Legend of Fuyao, and a few of the more tiny plot points are simple to miss out on. Embed in an abundant world that has a fair bit of tradition included, one might gain from a 2nd watch of this program, too, if they can deal with a few of the more cliché aspects of the plot that appear regularly.

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6 Love In Between Fairy and Devil (2022 )

Love Between Fairy and Devil
Hengdian World Studios

In Love In Between Fairy and Devil, an innocent fairy discovers herself unintentionally releasing the Lord Devil. However when he raises his hand to overrule the exact same fairy that set him totally free, he finds that in some way they have actually ended up being connected. Her discomfort has actually become his discomfort, and while he ‘d rather simply eliminate her, he ends up being keen on her existence rather rapidly. Nevertheless, other individuals are going to utilize this to their benefit throughout the series.

Why It’s Rewatchable

Among the highlights of Love In Between Fairy and Devil is the relationship in between the 2 primary characters, and it’s interesting to track the course of how they alter due to the fact that of each other. Not just is the plot relatively comprehensive throughout, however it likewise has incredible production design, making it a stunning rewatch.

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5 Falling Under Your Smile (2021 )

Boy puts necklace onto girl
New Design Media

Xu Kai and Cheng Xiao star in Falling Under Your Smile, which is based upon an unique by Qing Mei. Cheng Xiao is Tong Yao, a girl who chooses to pursue E-sports after understanding she’s rather proficient at it. When she signs up with a group, she ends up being the very first main female E-sports gamer in the Chinese video gaming scene. However due to the fact that she is a lady attempting to pursue a male-dominated market, that includes a fair bit of battles throughout the course of the series.

Why It’s Rewatchable

Among the most impressive parts of Falling Under Your Smile is how well the stars and characters fit together with each other, making it a sweet program. While the story itself is quite basic for Asian and Chinese dramas as an entire, there’s a fair bit of appeal loaded into the program.

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4 When I Fly Towards You (2023 )

When I Fly Towards You
Youku Tudou Inc.

A 2023 release that was quite popular when it initially came out, When I Fly Towards You is a school drama with a lot of newbies in its cast. Embed in the year 2012, a transfer trainee gets here and fulfills a male trainee who she falls for right away. Nevertheless, he has battles in his own life that he’s attempting to conquer, so throughout the academic year, the 2 are familiar with each other more.

Why It’s Rewatchable

Fans of the school drama category will discover a lot to enjoy in a program like When I Fly Towards You, which stimulates the sensations of succumbing to another individual for the very first time. It provides lessons in simpleness when it pertains to production, making it simple to rewatch for a 2nd or 3rd time.

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3 Ashes of Love (2018 )

Ashes of Love
Chongqing Movie Group

In Ashes of Love, a passing away goddess avoids her child from falling in love, as she predicts a future where something significant is going to occur if she does so. She dies and her child, Jin-Mi, is not able to fall in love, however when she fulfills the Fire Divine being and his half-brother, the Night Divine being, When a love triangle emerges in between the 3 of them, the tablet her mom slipped her as a baby is going to trigger problem.

Why It’s Rewatchable

Ashes of Love is sensational to see throughout each episode, as the outfits and visuals are first-class. While some love triangles truly do not operate in Korean and Chinese dramas, Ashes of Love pulls the stress from it completely, turning it into a program that’ll keep one on their toes even if they have actually currently seen it in the past.

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2 The Untamed (2019 )

The-Untamed-Netflix (1)
Tencent Penguin Pictures

Based upon a popular danmei book, The Untamed has actually gotten worldwide appeal throughout the years. Its primary character is Wei Wuxian, a dark arts specialist who passes away under mystical scenarios in the very first episode. When he is reincarnated 16 years later on, he fulfills his male soulmate yet once again, and starts to reveal the fact behind his death.

Why It’s Rewatchable

Like numerous other dramas on this list, The Untamed boasts unbelievable chemistry in between its 2 male leads. While we wonder to understand what the program would appear like without the LGBTQ+ censorship, the program still handles to be truly high quality throughout. There’s a strong reason it’s so cherished, making it deserving of a rewatch every now and then.

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1 Go Go Squid! (2019 )

Go Go Squid!
Gcoo Home Entertainment

Go Go Squid! came out in 2019, and was a significant phenomenon in China when it launched on tv and streaming. An E-sports drama, a trainee called Tong Nian fulfills a widely known E-sports player called Han Shangyan. With her assistance, he conquers his psychological barriers to bring honor to his nation through winning champions and competitors.

Why It’s Rewatchable

It’s a traditional love drama, however with the bend of E-sports woven into the story. There’s plenty to enjoy on the very first watch of the program, however the 2nd one will require a lot more love for the story and its characters.

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