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10 Korean Dramas About Finding Yourself and Identity

These Korean dramas are everything about finding yourself and who you truly are.


  • Korean dramas take on varied subjects and explore the poetry of life, surpassing tacky love.
  • These programs check out styles such as self-discovery, self-love, and pursuing dreams, making them relatable and motivating.
  • From resolving social concerns to representing the journey of individual development, these dramas deal engaging stories and strong characters.

When lots of people consider a Korean drama without having actually dived deep into the market, there’s a typical presumption made: they’re everything about love and are quite tacky. While a few of the most iconic Korean dramas definitely have aspects that lean towards cheesier discussion and some corny plot lines that gather a chuckle occasionally, others have actually taken advantage of the poetry of what it suggests to be alive. These tv programs have actually explored a varied set of subjects, specifically as society and cultural concerns continue to develop and concern the leading edge of conversations over what South Korea resembles in the modern.

That stated, Korean dramas definitely have actually not turned away from the more difficult topics. From being single at a later age to coming to grips with a society and culture consumed with appearances, the lead characters of these following 10 K-dramas go soul-searching. Some might understand they do not require to discover love in order to more than happy, while others find something brand-new about themselves in the procedure of self-care and self-love. For those seeking to discover themselves, these 10 programs definitely can be relatable.

My Freedom Notes (2022 )

My Liberation Notes main characters sitting on a concrete ledge.
Chorokbaem Media

Launched in the spring of 2022, My Freedom Notes is among those Korean dramas that unfolds like a poem. Set within Gyeonggi-do, outside the capital city of Seoul, 3 brother or sisters are fighting with their lives in various methods. With the arrival of a brand-new complete stranger, they all significantly start to understand they wish to leave their lives and begin over once again.

Why It’s Fantastic

Not just is My Freedom Notes spectacular to view on-screen, however it has a strong story too. With each of its characters dissatisfied with their lives, they discover to understand their wants and needs throughout the course of the series, pressing them to do something about it in order to alter their situations. It’s the ideal series for today, as the brand-new year brings with it the chance to make required modifications in our lives. Stream on Netflix

My ID Is Gangnam Appeal (2018 )

In 2018’s My ID is Gangnam Appeal, which is based on a webtoon of the very same name, the primary character, Kang Mi-rae, dislikes her look. Bullied since of it, she chooses that when she goes to college, she’s going to get cosmetic surgery and alter whatever. When she does simply that, she satisfies an intermediate school schoolmate who remembers her old appearances, and, through their budding relationship, discovers to like herself for who she is.

Why It’s Fantastic

This Korean drama includes a primary character who, at a young age, is fighting with an issue numerous girls have. Throughout the course of the series, she discovers who she is, and concerns accept how she looks, even if cosmetic surgery will not repair all the issues she has in completion. Stream on Netflix

Real Appeal (2020 )

A Korean woman is startled as a Korean man sidles next to her.
Studio N

Real Appeal, like My ID is Gangnam Appeal, is based upon a webtoon and has really comparable styles– and both dramas star Cha Eun-woo. The lead character of this series is Lim Ju-kyung, who utilizes cosmetics to leave her unfavorable sensations about her look. She gets so proficient at it that everybody believes her fabricated face is her natural one, however as she befriends 2 of her schoolmates, she understands she can end up being a cosmetologist to assist others.

Why It’s Fantastic

In this series, the primary character is bullied for her appearances, however as she discovers an imaginative outlet like makeup, she concerns peace with the method she searches in completion. Real Appeal demonstrates how there is a light at the end of the tunnel, like numerous other dramas discussing these topics. Stream on Viki

When the Camellia Blooms (2019 )

When the Camellia Blooms stars Gong Hyo-jin as Dong-baek, a single mother who uproots her life and kid in order to entirely begin over in a brand-new town. Like numerous other single moms in her scenario, she wants to do what it takes in order to have a much better life for her kid, however it is extremely hard. As she opens a bar in the town, she satisfies a policeman who instantly falls for her– which may be useful as a brand-new killer appears in the town.

Why It’s Fantastic

This is a K-drama series about the challenges a single mom deals with, specifically as she relocates to a brand-new town in order to begin over. Although Dong-baek ultimately discovers assistance and joy in her life, When the Camellia Blooms has to do with the journey to arriving. As we witness her low and high, we can’t assist however feel motivated to tackle our own obstacles with aplomb. Stream on Netflix

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Tune Kang and Park In-hwan star in the 2021 drama Navillera, which includes a rather non-traditional topic for Korean dramas. In the series, an older retired gentleman (Park) chooses it’s time to pursue his dreams. Although guys his age normally would not discover ballet, he’s going to strive the stars anyhow, and when he appears at the dance academy, he satisfies a young person (Tune), whom one likewise would not anticipate at a ballet class.

Why It’s Fantastic

Navillera reveals audiences that it’s never ever far too late to chase your dreams, and along the method you may fulfill some individuals who’ll alter your life. In spite of what society anticipates of somebody, understanding yourself and what you desire is at the leading edge of this tv program, making it a gorgeous series to view. Stream on Netflix

Start-Up (2020 )

Launched in 2020, Start-Up is everything about self-discovery and chasing after your dreams. In it, Seo Dal-mi understands she wishes to be the next Steve Jobs in South Korea, regardless of having actually originated from a lower class background. When she discovers a chance to possibly get welcomed to the Sandbox, which is Korea’s equivalent of the U.S.’s Silicon Valley, she’s going to take it. That puts her on a collision-course with a male called Nam Do-san, who will alter her life.

Why It’s Fantastic

The core of Start-Up is that its primary character, Seo Dal-mi, understands herself truly well and chases her dreams. She’s the ideal example of what takes place when somebody has the energy and effort to keep going, even in the face of difficulty. Stream on Netflix

Reply 1988 (2015 )

Reply 1988 entire cast sits and poses

The Reply series is extremely popular in South Korea, and Reply 1988 definitely isn’t an exception to this appeal. Embed in the year 1988, making this an actually reliable throwback for those alive throughout this duration, the tv program concentrates on a group of young people residing in the very same area as Seoul. As they have their coming-of-age together, they’ll discover to browse the ups and downs as they approach their adult years.

Why It’s Fantastic

Reply 1988 is the ideal drama to describe when it concerns young their adult years and what it suggests to mature. While the late-80s setting is a sentimental throwback, the series has some strong writing and styles present throughout each episode, sustaining the series in a manner that works endearingly well. Stream on Viki

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My Mister

My Mister starred the late Lee Sun-kyun and Lee Ji-eun, and definitely is among those dramas that might make you cry occasionally. Lee Ji-eun depicts Lee Ji-an, a girl with a great deal of concerns, consisting of financial obligation and looking after her sickly grandma. As she begins talking with among her managers (Lee Sun-kyun), the 2 grow closer throughout the course of the series.

Why It’s Fantastic

In My Mister, both of the primary characters hold heavy weights on their backs. Feeling alone worldwide, they discover solace in discussing their lives and what’s failing in them, as nobody else may listen. This might not be the happiest Korean drama out there, however it shows numerous elements of the real life throughout its running time. Stream on Netflix

Love Is a Bonus Offer Book (2019 )

Romance is a Bonus Book leads get cute together
Story & & Pictures Media

Launched in 2019, Love Is a Bonus Offer Book has another non-traditional primary character in the Korean drama world: Kang Dan-i. Separated and out of work, she’s employed by her youth pal, Cha Eun-ho, to discover somebody to clean his home. Desperate for some money, she takes the task, however when he learns the reality, he employs her for his book releasing business. Someplace along the method, the 2 wind up falling in love.

Why It’s Fantastic

The female lead of Love is a Bonus Offer Book, Kang Dan-i, is having a hard time to entirely reconstruct her life after her ex-husband takes apart whatever she understands. This is a tv program that shows there’s hope, which even when you question yourself and whatever is breaking down, things can end up alright in the end. Stream on Netflix

Be Melodramatic (2019 )

A young Korean man lifts his girlfriend by the legs, and she clings to him happily.
Samhwa Networks

Be Melodramatic includes 3 buddies on the edge of significant life modifications. One is an author ready to get her huge break: she has the possibility to compose a tv series, however when she ends up being taken with the director, things will get spicy. Another is a documentary filmmaker whose fiancé passed away young from cancer, and she is preparing to make a brand-new motion picture. The last pal is a single mom attempting to work and stabilize time with her kid. Together, these 3 face the world and chase their dreams.

Why It’s Fantastic

There are a number of various stories loaded into Be Melodramatic, and by the end, you’ll be rooting for these 3 ladies and their successes. Although they start in rocky locations, they find out more about themselves and each other throughout the course of the series, making it a fantastic watch in general. Stream on Netflix

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