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10 Films That Are Basically Difficult to Discover

These motion pictures are so hard to discover that even searching the web for third-party sellers or browsing regional thrift shops may be ineffective.

In the age of unlimited streaming services and VOD, it seems like every motion picture we have actually ever wished to see is at our fingertips. With numerous streaming choices and motion picture choices to pick from, it can be frustrating. Attempting to choose what to see has actually now ended up being nearly a task due to the fact that of the range of things to see. Possibilities are that you have actually invested more time checking out your watchlist and choosing what to place on than you have actually invested really enjoying a film. Although it can be frustrating, streaming is still the most hassle-free method to take in media in this modern-day world, due to the fact that you can see whatever you desire, whenever you desire.



Well, you can see nearly anything you desire. While there are countless motion pictures offered to stream, there are still plenty that can just be viewed if you lease or purchase a DVD or Blu-ray. There are even some unusual motion pictures that are just offered to see on VHS. Even still, there are motion pictures that are almost difficult to discover in any medium. These motion pictures are so hard to discover that even searching the web for third-party sellers or browsing regional thrift shops would be ineffective. Here are 10 motion pictures that are practically difficult to discover:

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10 A Fistful of Fingers (1995 )

A Fistful of Fingers
Wrightstuff Pictures

Edgar Wright has made some incredibly fun and well-known movies in his profession, such as Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and Infant Chauffeur, and his feature-length directorial launching A Fistful of Fingers follows a comparable comical vein. The made-for-TV motion picture centers around a cowboy who looks for a desired and wicked guy who triggered the death of his horse, Easy. The spaghetti Western spoof/slapstick funny satirizes the stereotyped qualities of Westerns.

Why It’s Tough to Discover

Regardless of being the very first full-length movie by the well-known director, this movie is rather tough to discover. There has actually never ever been a home video or DVD release of the movie, suggesting you can’t even go to your library to get your hands on a copy. It is likewise not offered on any streaming services, not even for lease. The motion picture really does not even appear when you look for it on Simply View.

9 I Was a Teenage Monster (1957 )

I Was a Teenage Werewolf
Sundown Productions

I Was a Teenage Monster is a scary drama that integrates aspects of both scary and the early teenager motion pictures that began coming out at the time. It follows a struggling, upset teen called Tony (Michael Landon) who checks out a hypnotherapist trying to find aid, however his wicked physician rather utilizes him as a guinea pig for a speculative serum that changes him into a vicious monster. Basically, it resembles if Teenager Wolf came out in the ’50s and was a scary motion picture.

Why It’s Tough to Discover

This beast motion picture was a monetary success when it was launched, however it is incredibly unusual to discover it on DVD. It had a broader release on VHS, however even that is tough to come by. Once again, this is another movie that does not even appear when browsed on Simply View, so it is likewise not available to stream or lease. You can search for clips of it on YouTube, however there are few.

8 Wired (1989 )

Taurus Home Entertainment

Forget why it’s tough to discover, the property of the motion picture alone makes one marvel why it was even shot and launched in the very first location. The sort of bio of beloved actor John Belushi, Wired, took an extremely odd path to represent the life of among the ’70s biggest comical stars. The motion picture follows the ghost of Belushi as he reflects on his distressed life and profession. On the other hand, reporter Bob Woodward investigates his life as he prepares to compose a book about the star. It’s an unreasonable concept for a film, and it not surprisingly didn’t agree with the Belushi household.

Why It’s Tough to Discover

The motion picture was doomed from the start. Both critics and audiences disliked it, and the book it was adjusted from by the genuine Bob Woodward was questionable also. This remains in addition to the presence of the motion picture disturbing Belushi’s friends and family. The motion picture has actually never ever been launched on DVD, and the only physical copy that exists is an out of print VHS. It is likewise not offered on any streaming service.

7 Super Star: The Karen Carpenter Story (1987 )

Superstar_ The Karen Carpenter Story
Iced Tea Productions

Karen Carpenter of The Carpenters is typically thought about among the best female vocalists of perpetuity. Her voice is quickly identifiable the 2nd you hear it. Still, she considered herself a drummer that occurred to have the capability to sing, not the other method around. In 1987, Todd Haynes, director of motion pictures such as Carol and Dark Waters, chose to make a documentary about her meteoric increase to fame before her unforeseen death. What makes Super Star: The Karen Carpenter Story entirely strange is that it is carried out nearly totally by numerous Barbie dolls.

Why It’s Tough to Discover

Haynes never ever really acquired the rights to The Carpenters’ music, and Richard Carpenter was not pleased with the movie. Haynes was taken legal action against by The Carpenters, which obstructed the movie from being seen in cinema. It was never ever launched on VHS, DVD, or streaming services.

6 The Unchanged Variation of the Initial ‘Star Wars’ Trilogy (1977, 1980, 1983)

Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope

Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope

Release Date
Might 25, 1977

George Lucas

Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Peter Cushing, Alec Guinness, Anthony Daniels


Main Category

It is not news to any Star Wars fan that the initial trilogy of motion pictures has actually gone through comprehensive remediation and improvements because each movie was at first launched in 1977, 1980, and 1983. Lots of scenes from the original trilogy have actually been modified or gotten rid of totally ever since, and lots of fans who were not yet born when the originals were launched have actually never ever seen the unchanged variation of the trilogy.

Why It’s Tough to Discover

The entirely unchanged variations of each motion picture have actually been launched on THX VHS, however that has actually because been long out of print. The unedited initial trilogy has actually never ever been launched on DVD, and they plainly have actually never ever been launched on any streaming service. The very best bet to see the theatrical releases of the initial motion pictures would be to get your hands on an unusual copy of the very first set of VHS tapes.

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5 The Devils (1971 )

The Devils is a historic drama embeded in 17th-century France in the city of Loudun. It focuses on Daddy Urbain Grandier as he attempts to secure the city from the corrupt Cardinal Richelieu. Nevertheless, he is weakened by a sexually quelched nun’s allegation of witchcraft.

Why It’s Tough to Discover

Ken Russell’s questionable movie has actually been the topic of books, posts, and believe pieces for several years now. The movie dealt with massive censorship upon release and modifies due to the fact that of the censorship. The VHS tapes that were launched differed in runtime and quality. A double-disc DVD was launched by the British Movie Institute, however it stays unidentified whether a complete uncut variation of the movie will ever be launched.

4 Little Beloveds (1980 )

Little Darlings

Little Darlings

Main Category

Starring an extremely young Tatum O’Neal and Kristy McNichol, Little Beloveds follows 2 15-year-old women from various trainings who satisfy at a summer season camp and dislike each other initially. When they understand they have something in typical, the 2 make a bet. The bet includes losing their virginity, and whoever does it initially, wins.

Why It’s Tough to Discover

The initial variation of the motion picture included a stacked soundtrack of hit ’80s artists, consisting of Blondie, The Supertramps, and The Cars. Nevertheless, accrediting concerns significantly impacted the 2nd round of VHS releases. The plot of 2 extremely young teenage women completing to make love was bothering to Paramount when talking about whether to launch it on DVD. There is an all-region disc of doubtful quality offered on Amazon, however a completely brought back copy of the initial 1980 cut of the movie is yet to be offered.

3 The Day the Clown Passed Away (1972 )

The Day the Clown Cried

The Day the Clown Cried

Release Date
July 11, 1972

Jerry Lewis

Jerry Lewis, Peter Ahlm, Lars Amble, Harriet Andersson, Jonas Bergström, Carl Billquist

Main Category

The 1972 movie The Day the Clown Cried is a drama composed, directed, and starring Jerry Lewis. The motion picture centers around a circus clown called Helmut Doork (Lewis) who loses his circus task, gets intoxicated at a bar, and is consequently detained by the Gestapo when he teases Hitler. After being sent out to a jail camp, he is unintentionally secured with a group of kids who are set up to pass away.

Why It’s Tough to Discover

The movie was an effort at a significant efficiency by the well known comic, however the production was filled with concerns from the start. It got awareness nearly instantly due to the fact that it was identified a shame by Lewis. It was never ever launched on home video, nor was it ever launched theatrically or on tv. It has actually been screened privately a few times, and a copy was sent to the Library of Congress with the condition that there would never ever be a screening of it prior to June 2024.

2 Naked Tango (1990 )

Naked Tango
Jade M Movies

A cooperation in between Argentina, the United States, Japan, and Switzerland, Naked Tango is a romantic drama that remarkably stars Vincent D’Onofrio. It follows a girl called Alba (Mathilda Might) who goes back to South America by ship after leaving her senior hubby by changing locations with a lady preparation to dedicate suicide. She thinks her brand-new life to include a set up marital relationship, however actually it is a tactic to get her to operate in a whorehouse.

Why It’s Tough to Discover

The movie was composed and directed by Leonard Schrader, sibling of director and film writer Paul Schrader, however regardless of the star power behind the movie, getting your hands on a physical copy of the movie is rather hard. The movie has actually never ever been launched on DVD, and the couple of VHS copies are expensive on sites like eBay. It is likewise not offered to lease or stream.

1 Tune of the South (1946 )

The Disney movie Song of the South is infamously incredibly hard to discover. The movie has actually dealt with heavy criticism throughout the years for its storytelling and representation of the character Uncle Remus (James Baskett). The motion picture follows Uncle Remus as he informs a young kid stories about trickster Br’ er Bunny, who outsmarts Br’ er Fox and slow-witted Br’ er Bear.

Why It’s Tough to Discover

The live-action parts of the movie are the reason that Song of the South has never been released completely. The reaction over its stereotyped representation of Uncle Remus and marginalization of slavery. To this day, Disney has actually never ever launched the initial uncut variation of the movie on VHS or DVD, and it has actually never ever been offered on any streaming service. Disney has actually launched parts of the animated sections in video collections and sing-a-longs, however never ever the complete motion picture.

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