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10 Best Action Funny Movies of the 1970s

The action funny category has actually been around for near to a century, however it perhaps struck its stride in the 1970s.

The action comedy category has actually existed for near to a century now, with Buster Keaton’s The General, being credited as the first-ever offering in the classification. Movies in the category normally count on hectic action, mixing it with jokes and buffoonery. The action tends to be of the light-hearted kind, so there are seldom any cooling injuries or bloody eliminates. Up until now, each years has actually had various standout action-comedy motion pictures, however audiences wanting to get the most home entertainment would be encouraged to go into the ‘70s, where there was no scarcity of enjoyable and laughter.



Severe efforts were likewise taken into the crafting of the stories, thus a number of the gems from the age have engaging stories with practical twists, excellent character advancement, and acceptable endings. These are a few of the very best examples of action funny movies from the 1970s.

10 Hooper (1978 )

burt reynolds hooper
Warner Bros.

In Hooper, years of risk-taking and negligent living have actually taken their toll on well-known Hollywood stunt entertainer Sonny Hooper (Burt Reynolds). Before he retires, he takes one last gig, excited to make the film’s weather stunt his most remarkable one. Sadly for him, the director does not like him. On top of that, there is a newbie in the stunt department excited to provide him a run for his cash.

Why It’s Terrific

Hooper prevents random jokes and just includes those that enhance the plot. “If you were a horse I would shoot you,” Sonny’s medical professional informs him, referencing the olden yet questionable practice of shooting ailing or badly hurt horses to put them out of their suffering. It’s the doctor’s method of letting the lead character understand that he requires to unwind and from that minute, he begins dealing with it.

On top of that, Sonny’s misconception is enjoyable to see. At one point, he plays a reel of his biggest stunts to his visitors just for them to drop off to sleep. Apart from being among the most accurate movies about stunt performers, Hooper is among the first-ever productions to utilize the blooper reel credit roll, and evaluating from the high ticket office, the choice was a knowledgeable one.

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9 Drunken Master (1978 )

From mistakenly seducing his cousin to battering the boy of an effective guy, the naughty Freddie Wong gets himself into a great deal of difficulty in the very first act of Drunken Master. As anticipated, his daddy ends up being fed up and orders him to go through martial arts training under the famous Beggar So. Because Beggar So has a credibility for debilitating his proteges, Wong attempts to leave however after a nasty encounter with a criminal, he chooses to find out the needed abilities from Beggar.

Why It’s Terrific

Drunken Master is the movie that made Jackie Chan a worldwide star and the star’s slapstick battling design appears more ingenious here, instead of repeated, as it remains in his current motion pictures. It remains in this specific task that Chan likewise developed the design template for martial arts motion pictures merged with funny.

Though there had actually been some laugh-out-loud minutes in previous action motion pictures starring Asian stars, it’s Chan who handled to easily mix humor and cruelty. Besides its tradition, the action-comedy flick has lots of extraordinary scenes, especially Freddie Wong’s training montage where he masters the essentials of the Drunken Boxing discipline referred to as “The 8 Drunken Immortals.”

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8 Smokey and the Outlaw (1977 )

smokey and the bandit

smokey and the bandit

Release Date
Might 26, 1977

Hal Needham

burt reynolds, Sally Field, Jerry Reed, Mike Henry, Paul Williams, Pat McCormick



Action, Experience, Funny

Everybody has their choices and in Smokey and the Outlaw, Atlanta magnate Huge Enos Burdette likes just serving a particular brand name of beer when his preferred racer wins. The brand name occurs to be prohibited in the state so criminal activity legend Bo “Outlaw” Darville is used $80,000 to transfer 400 cases from Texarkana (where it’s legal) to Atlanta, in under 28 hours. Things get made complex for Outlaw when along the method, a runaway bride-to-be set up to wed the Constable’s boy delves into his vehicle.

Why It’s Terrific

The stakes are high throughout the movie, not just due to the fact that there is minimal time to finish the job and due to the fact that of the marital issue that occurs. Outlaw’s task ends up being a lot more difficult due to the fact that Constable Buford T. Justice thinks in the sanctity of marital relationship, so he likes pursuing the bride-to-be in the exact same way that he would a criminal. In addition, he has an eager eye thus it does not take wish for him to find out that apart from transferring the lady, Outlaw is taking part in another unlawful activity.

Audiences likewise get to see among Burt Reynold’s greatest performances as his character keeps rotating in between a state of self-confidence and focus to among franticness.

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7 Criminal Activity Busters (1977 )

The lead characters of Criminal Activity Busters— played by the renowned funny duo of Terence Hill and Bud Spencer– are unexpected law enforcement officers and their fate plays out in a rather intriguing method. The 2 at first wish to be employed as longshoremen, however after being dismissed by a number of prospective workers, they choose to rob a grocery store. Having actually done little to no research study relating to the place of the shop, they wind up at a police headquarters rather. Afraid of being secured, they pretend they wish to be officers, so they are taken into the training program.

Why It’s Terrific

Criminal Activity Busters is among the couple of motion pictures to have actually been granted the Golden Screen Award (movies with over 3 million ticket sales in less than 18 months). It’s simple to see why many individuals were pulled into theaters at the time of the film’s release as there is a lot of humorous small talk, paired with high-octane action series that consist of trashing the vehicles of wrongdoers utilizing forklifts and shooting while riding bikes. The 2 characters are really pleasant too, making it simpler to root for them, even when they are utilizing exceptionally unconventional techniques to capture wrongdoers.

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6 Dolemite (1975 )

dolemite 1975
Measurement Pictures

In Dolemite, the titular character is a pimp and club owner who gets imprisoned after being framed by competitors and unclean polices. Thankfully, he gets an early release so that he can assist the authorities in resolving the drug hazard. While outdoors, he reveals his arrival with among the cheesiest yet funniest lines: “I’m gon na let ’em understand that Dolemite is my name, and f *** in’ up motha f *** as is my video game!” He then tries to recover his lost magnificence while likewise looking for vengeance on those who destroyed his life.

Why It’s Terrific

Mr. Dolemite isn’t the one-man-army sort of action hero who has actually found out everybody. He continuously looks for aid, and even has an army of karate-trained escorts to handle opponents that are too difficult for him. He comes off as really T’Challa- like, evaluating from his concepts to his relationships with ladies. For many years, the character has actually ended up being a cultural icon and often gets name-dropped in Hip Hop tunes. Lead star Rudy Ray Moore’s biographical story can be discovered in among Eddie Murphy’s funniest movies, Dolemite is My Name

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5 Look Out, We seethe! (1974 )

Watch out, we're mad
Columbia Pictures

Marcello Fondato’s Look Out, We seethe! focuses on 2 chauffeurs who get granted a Puma dune buggy after incorporating a race. As they are finding out how to share it, a mobster’s henchmen damage the buggy, triggering the chauffeurs to be furious. They then head to the criminal activity manager’ burrow to require a brand-new one, however he rather sends out guys after them. A cat-and-mouse video game therefore takes place, with the 2 guys excited to show they are harder than the henchmen.

Why It’s Terrific

Like any other great action-comedy film, Look Out, We seethe! Does not provide audiences the time to breathe. Whether it’s a funny battle in the fitness center or a hotdog consuming contest, the lead characters keep discovering themselves in the most uncomfortable scenarios as they attempt to get settlement for their buggy. It is very important to keep in mind that they do not always combat their challengers. They simply keep attempting to evade them and make them look silly, comparable to the method Kevin McCallister does.

There is a current remake of the movie that’s offered on Netflix, however the initial defeats it in quality.

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4 Grand Theft Automobile (1977 )

It’s regrettable that Ron Howard’s Grand Theft Aut o has actually been eclipsed by the computer game of the exact same name. It’s unquestionably among the funniest motion pictures ever made, with its plot focusing on Paula, a girl who takes her moms and dads’ Rolls-Royce and drives away with her fiancé, Sam, to Vegas after her daddy alerts her not to wed him. Reluctant to let her have her method, the managing papa provides a $25,000 benefit to anybody who discovers the lovebirds.

Why It’s Terrific

As underrated as Grand Theft Automobile is, many movies about car chases are barely as amusing as it is. There couple needs to handle a variety of pursues, so anybody enjoying will establish some consternation and end up being absolutely fretted about their fate. To call simply a couple of there are fugitive hunter, a lawman who has actually commandeered a bus bring seniors, a beneficiary whom the lady’s papa views as the perfect suitor, and a number of hot-rodders.

In spite of the risks included, the 2 lead characters constantly appear to enjoy themselves. Sam, particularly, extra time for self-mockery, developing dopey remarks such as “There as soon as was a lady from LA, who was identified to go all the method. Her mom shrieked “No!” Her daddy screamed “Whoa.” However they wed the very first day in Might.”

3 Silver Streak (1976 )

Silver Streak
20th Century Fox

Whatever works out for book editor George Caldwell (Gene Wilder) in the very first act of Silver Streak He succumbs to a charming lady while on a train and instead of snub him, she reciprocates his sensations of desire, guaranteeing to do nasty things with him. That’s till a male gets killed, the lady gets abducted and George gets implicated of whatever. Eager to save his brand-new love interest and clear his name, he coordinate with a cars and truck burglar as soon as he is off the train.

Why It’s Terrific

The film has a really gifted cast and each member plays to their strengths. For instance, Richard Pryor, who is commonly considered the best standup comic of perpetuity, yaps in his function as the vehicle burglar. Jill Clayburgh, on the other hand, easily changes in between a seductress and a damsel in distress. The action series might have utilized a little polishing, however they are good enough for the age in which they were performed.

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2 The In-Laws (1979 )

Arthur Hiller’s The In-Laws starts with New york city dental practitioner Sheldon “Shelly” Kornpett believing that the daddy of his child’s fiancé isn’t who he states he is. He quickly discovers that the guy is a CIA representative, and before he understands it, Shelly is required to function as his partner on a variety of objectives. As anticipated, he isn’t too comfy with his brand-new projects.

Why It’s Terrific

The discussion, the chemistry, and the experiences deserve remaining for. Each scene remarkably establishes the following one. Before he understands it, Shelly discovers himself in the South American country of Tijuara, and when he asks why victims of shooting teams have no blindfolds on, he is informed the federal government has actually ended up being too bad to manage them. All the cash has actually been lost on things such as gold seats and a pool-per-room for the totalitarian.

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1 Crazy Mom (1975 )

crazy mama 1975
New World Pictures

Occasions in Jonathan Demme’s Crazy Mom center around the beauty salon owner, Melba Stokes, who chooses to leave together with her kid and mom after the property manager tries to reclaim her products. While heading to Askansas to recover a household land, they start robbing individuals to raise adequate cash to manage the farm.

Why It’s Terrific

The discussion is as reflective as it is amusing. “What’s so great about being a hooligan when you appear like an in-law?” the mama states in among the scenes, before sticking a stogie in her mouth. There are a lot of unfortunate minutes, however they are all watered down by insane shenanigans such as limitless screaming while driving and arguments concerning who will do what throughout the small break-ins.

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