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10 Animated Reveals Like Invincible to View Next

From The Awesomes to The Endeavor Bros., here are the very best animated programs like Invincible to see next.

Prime Video’s fan-favorite series Invincible made a huge splash with the release of its 2nd season in November 2023. With the method things ended in Season 1, the brand-new release was extremely expected and additional established Invincible in essential methods. Regretfully, however, there is no release date in sight for the second half of Season 2, and the satisfaction of some gore-laden action animation is difficult to quickly discover.

So, we have actually put together a few of the very best adult animation reveals that gone through the exact same bases as Invincible. From satiric handles the superhero formula to thought-provoking commentaries on violence and being a parent, to plain old R-rated violence, here are the very best programs like Invincible to see next.

The Endeavor Bros. (2003-2018)

the venture bros

the venture bros


Patrick Warburton

,James Urbaniak

, Michael Sinterniklaas.

, Lisa Hammer.



, Adventure



The Endeavor Bros is a Grownup Swim series produced in 2004 as a parody of the sci-fi experience reveals from the ’60s. With humor as its primary focus, the program follows the bumbling shenanigans of an inefficient superhero household as they jump from one international incident to the next. The animated series got significant recognition throughout its run, being called the best Adult Swim series ever, even discovering a put on IGN’s Finest 100 Animated Series list.

Generational Injury and Adult Tradition

While the program is specified on the surface area by its continuous referrals to old animated program tropes, it endeared itself to fans by its expedition of the complicated nature of intergenerational injury and how the household nexus shapes people. The patriarch of the Endeavor household, Dr. Thaddeus is specified by the shadow of his greatly more effective daddy, and his plans are all encouraged by a desire to measure up to the tradition. The expedition of familial bonds displayed in The Endeavor Bros. will be an engaging experience if you delighted in the exact same in Invincible. Stream on Max

The Awesomes (2013-2015)

The Awesomes is another animated funny reveal that straight parodies the superhero category. The series starts when the titular superhero group dissolves after its leader, Mr. Awesome, reveals retirement. Changing the initial group, Mr. Awesome’s child Prock chooses to lead the 2nd generation of The Awesomes, dealing with superhero turns down as no recognized hero wishes to work under the young leader.

Easy Going Parody and Public Analysis

The Awesomes comes without the extreme gore and violence that specifies Invincible to an excellent level. Nevertheless, it is still an appealing program to have a look at. The world of The Awesomes is filled with amusing, easy going subversions of typical superhero tropes, and provides an alternate representation of the superhero category by concentrating on the general public understanding of the young brand-new group. Prock’s effort to be accepted by the world comprises a huge part of the program and each member of his group likewise comes to grips with their own familial problems. Stream on Hulu

Hit-Monkey (2021 )



Release Date

November 17, 2021.



Living deep within the area of adult animated programs, the underrated program Hit-Monkey is a scrumptious structure filled with crackpot action and a story that is bonkers from the start. Based upon the weird Marvel character of the exact same name, the program follows a blood-soaked project of violence waged by none besides an assassin monkey.

The titular character of the program discovers his abilities from a runaway human assassin, who is saved by his people of Japanese macaques. When the assassin’s pursuers lastly reach him, the taking place bloodbath leaves the whole people of monkeys dead together with the assassin himself. Equipped with a seething desire for vengeance and the assassin’s ghost in 2, Hit-Monkey sets out on a blood-soaked project of violence in the human world.

Simian John Wick Triggers Panic in the Underworld

Following the wonderful curiosity of the preliminary facility, Hit-Monkey brings that exact same energy throughout its 2 seasons, from its humor to its violent action series. The basic undercurrent is that of the exact same wonderful shock as the minute in Invincible where Omni-Man sagely obliterates the whole Guardians of the World.

And the series does not stop there: a well-rounded cast of characters paints a photo of a world beyond Hit-Monkey’s project, representing the violent lead character as a powerful trespasser in a sophisticated world with its own styles. Stream on Hulu

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Vinland Legend (2019-2023)

A yellow-haird anime character wields a blade in his right hand and holds another between his teeth
NHK General Television
Tokyo MX

Vinland Legend is a renowned anime program with essentially no contrast. The series is basically about the child of a famous Viking warrior who sets down the course of vengeance after his daddy’s death. Along the method, however, he goes through painful experiences that alter him on an essential level, ultimately seeing the futility of violence. Set in the middle of the political turmoils of middle ages England, Vinland Legend draws a complicated political background upon which to tell its story.

Violence and Self-Discovery

Vinland Legend produces a gripping contrast to the more standard superhero story of Invincible, which, regardless of its variances from the basic superhero formula, still follows a hero who looks for to comprehend what heroism is everything about. Nevertheless, these 2 series have enough in typical to provide a few of the exact same kicks.

While Invincible sets its violence with sitcom-ish pathos, Vinland Legend‘s action is stressed by a deep sense of rumination, which grows to take spotlight, particularly in the 2nd season. Both programs follow lead characters on a journey of self-discovery as they explore their relationship to violence and select a position on a strong paternal tradition. Stream on Netflix or Crunchyroll

The Legend of Vox Machina (2022-Present)

The heroes of Legend of Vox Machina pose while armed
Prime Video

Moving towards a lighter tone, The Legend of Vox Machina provides totally on the pure home entertainment that an excellent action fantasy TV show can use. Based upon the projects played out on the Dungeons & & Dragons web series Vital Function, the series has whatever you require for an enjoyable time. As it is voiced by the initial cast of Vital Function, you get superior voice acting and character chemistry in stacks.

Together With that, you have an earful of amusing small talk, splendid animation that integrates 2D and 3D results, in addition to dragons and other legendary animals to boot. The program crafts a great balance of all the best things; whatever meshes like cogs in a wheel.

Whatever a Great Action Animation Program Must Be

Strong, ponderous styles are just an anticipated addition to any animated program focused on an adult audience. Invincible clearly has its reasonable share of reflections for you to chew on. At the exact same time, however, it likewise complies with a lot of the typical superhero aspects in the course of its subversion, from its myriad villains to the bad guy who softens with fathership. Often you simply desire more of the bloody theatrics and less of the thought-provoking drama. And if you enjoy that about Invincible, The Legend of Vox Machina is best up your street. Stream on Prime Video

Blood of Zeus (2020-Present)

The Netflix series Blood of Zeus is another dream action reveal on this list, this one changing superheroes with the gods of Greek folklore. The series includes an initial character in the function of lead character, the demigod Heron who was sired by none besides Zeus himself. Unconcerned to his real heritage, Heron lives a peaceful life with his mom at the start of the program as a miner. Nevertheless, his daddy has larger prepare for him. As a supernatural war in between gods and giants brews in the future, Zeus sees Heron as a prospective rescuer of humanity. In between demonic hazards and conspiracies of the spiteful Hera, however, he has his work cut out for him.

A Father-Son Tale That Happens In The Middle Of World-Ending Dangers

Blood of Zeus does not keep back from the gory violence that a person anticipates from an adult animated program, and there’s a lot of power-packed action scenes to keep you hectic. At the exact same time, much of the story is driven by the relationship in between Heron and Zeus, while the infighting in between the Olympian gods likewise figures into the story in a significant method. As Heron resists his tradition and discovers to trust his daddy in the defend excellent, his character journey reveals apparent parallels to that of Mark in Invincible Stream on Netflix

Castlevania (2017-2021)

Netflix’s adjustment of the famous Castlevania computer game is maybe the best animated show about vampires, ever. Distinguish by a distinct animation design that appeared custom-made for representing vampire massacre, the series even more developed its own special identity with remarkable heroes and bad guys, each composed with engaging inspirations and backstories.

It’s a program with a traditional facility, following a band of vampire hunters as they resist versus one huge bad after another. Yet, the thrilling action, the gory phenomenon, and rousing efficiencies make it an appealing watch that never ever stops working to pleasure.

Checking Out the Nature of Excellent and Evil

Casltevania‘s animation is so special that the series should have a watch on that basis alone. Nevertheless, the cherry on top is its cautious treatment of its bad guys and its expedition of the nature of excellent and wicked. The series takes its time exposing the inspirations of its bad guys, exposing how they are driven by essentially human feelings– love, loss, and the lots of methods individuals manage them.

These styles reveal themselves in the program through some engaging plot points, the very best example of which is the facility of the very first season itself: after his human other half is burned by people on allegations of witchcraft, Dracula states war on a whole country. Stream on Netflix

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Primal (2019-Present)



Release Date

October 7, 2019.


Tom Kenny



Produced by the revered animation writer Genndy Tartakovsky, Primal is an unique program that goes all-in on action and feeling to narrate that is at as soon as harsh and wholehearted. It is embeded in an alternate ancient period and starts with a striking facility– a not likely collaboration in between a caveman and a tyrannosaur who bond over their sorrow of losing their household, and set out to endure the world together.

Visceral Feeling at Its Best

The principle behind Primal sounds more like an art job than a full-blown series, backed by a significant network. It is the dazzling mind of Genndy Tarkovsky that makes such a stealthily basic concept deal with such straight-out elegance. In keeping with the principle of ancient survival, Primal is a series with absolutely no discussion. Rather, it is the visceral gore and the abject hazards poised on every corner that makes the series come to life.

As the man-dinosaur duo explore their world together, the cruelties they deal with together enables the program to open its reflective side, where the important human feelings bloom with fantastic inflammation– a result that accomplishes an extremely special taste in the adult animated category context. Stream on Max

Devilman Crybaby (2018 )

Devilman Crybaby is among the very best adult anime shows of current time, with a retro-ethereal animation design and storytelling of a shockingly bleak range. The program happens in a world that finds that scriptural devils are rather genuine and are computing to take control of humankind by covertly penetrating human society.

High school trainee Akira ends up being a not likely rescuer of humankind after a demonic ownership effort turns him into a “devilman”– a human with the power of devils. Coordinating with his youth friend Ryo, he attempts his finest to appear in his newly found function as hero.

Where Excellent Does Not Constantly Win

Action movie theater, and animated action in specific, typically stress versus the restrictions of the category– one where every audience member recognizes with the significant tropes, and anticipate excellent to dominate in the end. The appeal of adult animated programs remains in the truth that they constantly tinker these expectations while building on the exact same preliminary world-building as standard animated programs.

By welcoming the supreme possibility of evil’s victory, the program keeps the audience on its toes and thrills audiences by showcasing the gruesome truths of war, and the sacrifices required by heroism. It’s a function that Invincible audiences are aware of, and Devilman Crybaby is structured with the express intent of going the range with this supreme hazard. Stream on Netflix

Todd McFarlane’s Spawn (1997-1999)



Release Date

May 16, 1997.


Keith David

, Richard Dysart.

, Dominique Jennings.

, Victor Love.

, James Keane.

, John Rafter Lee.

, Brion James.

, James Hong




The 1997 series Todd McFarlane’s Spawn was among the early successes in adult animated series that led the way for programs like Invincible The series was based upon the precious Image Comics character of the exact same name, and followed an extremely experienced federal government assassin called Al Simmons.

Betrayed and killed by a friend, Simmons discovers himself in hell at the program’s start, where he negotiates with the devil to end up being a generate of hell. In exchange, he gets the chance to stroll the earth once again, where the superpowered being chooses to end up being a protector of earth.

Batman with Weapons and Gore

The art design and mythos surrounding the protagonist of Spawn features a lot of parallels to Batman, particularly Batman: The Animated Series The distinction is that, per tradition, Generate is whatever that Batman depicts himself to be: a supernatural phantom endowed with a range of demonic powers, and absolutely no qualms about taking lives. Stream on Max

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